GOP Senator Blasts ‘Confusing’ Mueller Report, Compares Obstruction Findings To ‘Pinocchio’ In ‘Shrek 3’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks after attending church.
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

In an interview broadcast Sunday, Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah compared Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings pertaining to obstruction of justice to Pinocchio’s character from Shrek the Third, The Hill reports.

Lee said that Mueller was “thorough,” but criticized the special counsel for writing a report wherein some parts are “a little bit odd.”

The Republican criticized Mueller’s refusal to weigh in on possible obstruction of justice.

“I think it’s odd to say, ‘I’m not going to make a recommendation, but I’m going to sound like I’m making a recommendation. There’s not evidence that I can point to but nonetheless I couldn’t get there even if I did,'” he said.

In his report, Mueller cleared Donald Trump and members of his campaign of conspiracy with Russia, without exonerating the president when it comes to obstruction of justice. The special counsel made no determination about the crime, however, only detailing possible instances of the president obstructing the probe.

According to Ohio Republican Mike Lee, Mueller’s tone in the section of the report pertaining to obstruction of justice is “reminiscent of Pinocchio in the movie ‘Shrek 3.'”

“It’s kind of strange to spend two years on that and then speak with the sort of tone that is reminiscent of Pinocchio in the movie ‘Shrek 3.’ It’s full of double negatives. It’s kind of confusing.”

As The Hill notes, while it is unclear what Lee was trying to say, it is likely that the senator was comparing Mueller’s obstruction findings to the character Pinocchio in Shrek the Third — which is sometimes referred to as Shrek 3. Throughout the animated movie, Carlo Collodi’s famous character says vague lines in an effort to avoid lying, and of course to prevent his nose from growing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, according to Mueller’s report, Trump attempted to obstruct justice but failed. Apparently, the president’s aides and advisers refused to follow orders, perhaps saving him from being prosecuted for obstructing justice.

Given that the Mueller report paints an unflattering picture of a chaotic White House — in which the president is ignored and disobeyed by his subordinates — Trump is allegedly furious at his former aides, in particular, former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who talked to Mueller about Trump asking him to do “crazy sh*t.”

According to individuals familiar with Trump’s thinking, the commander-in-chief is concerned that his current aides will “betray” him as well.

Trump blasted the unflattering sections of the Mueller report, describing some of the statements made by his former aides as “total bulls**t.”