‘The Young And The Restless’ Actor Zach Tinker Hilariously Annoys His On-Screen Father

Christian Jules Le Blanc plays Michael Baldwin on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.
Monty Brinton / CBS

While they haven’t been on-screen together much lately on The Young and the Restless, Fenmore Baldwin actor Zach Tinker shared some clips of himself annoying his on-screen father Michael Baldwin (actor Christian LeBlanc) yesterday.

On his Instagram story, Tinker posted videos during a meal he and Christian LeBlanc shared recently. The Michael Baldwin actor hilariously picked up a piece of steak and then hid his mouth behind his hand when he ate it while commenting about how delicious the vegetables tasted. Obviously, LeBlanc was eating meat, but didn’t necessarily want it broadcast all over the place.

Then, later, he admonished Tinker for aiming the camera at him again during a candid moment. Finally, in a clip, Tinker rested his head on LeBlanc’s shoulder asking him if he was okay, and it appeared as if all was forgiven.

Later in the day, it appeared as if the actor went to Disneyland with actress Cait Fairbanks, who portrays Tessa Porter in Genoa City. A fan of outing his co-star’s eating habits, Tinker shared a picture of Fairbanks with a tasty Disneyland treat during a break. Then, later they appeared to be in line for Space Mountain. It looks like Tinker hangs out with the cast of Y&R often and is still involved with the show.

Currently, fans of Tinker and his portrayal of Fenmore have missed the character on the show. Recently, Michael and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) discussed their son, who is currently on tour with Devon’s (Bryton James) record label. Fen is working hard to prove himself after he seemed to have a poor work ethic a few months back.

With the opening of Society and Devon launching Jett’s (Gilbert Glenn Brown) comeback along with Ana’s (Loren Lott) public singing debut, it looks like the Genoa City music scene is picking up. Plus, Devon is even giving Tessa another chance even though he relegated her new work to Ana. There’s a reasonable chance that Fen will return home from his tour soon and go about the business of recording his album and learning to make ends meet as a musician. His dad isn’t convinced that dropping out of law school was Fen’s best choice ever.

Speaking of Society, The Inquisitr recently reported that Abby Newman actress Melissa Ordway recently gave fans a VIP sneak peek tour of the new set which makes its official debut tomorrow at the venue’s grand opening. Viewers can expect plenty of scenes taking place at Society in the near future along with plenty of musical performances.