Conservative Pundit Slams Donald Trump, Says The President Is 'Unfit To Lead'

Donald Trump is under fire from his own side of the aisle, with conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp calling the president as "unfit to lead" in the wake of the release of a redacted version of the Mueller report.

The version, released on Thursday, outlined a series of actions that Trump took in an effort to thwart the investigation. While Mueller stopped short of recommending charges against Trump, the report did push the question to Congress to decide whether his actions warrant impeachment.

The report has drawn some sharp rebukes from critics on the left as well as criticism from some members of Trump's own party. The conservative Cupp chimed in with her own opinion this weekend, saying that Trump's actions show he is not fit to be the president, though said impeachment is not the correct remedy.

"This president is unfit to lead," Cupp said, via The Hill. "He has shown time and time again his utter disdain for our democratic process, separation of powers, the law. He's got to go. But not by impeachment."

Cupp said that any attempt to impeach Donald Trump without strong bipartisan support would only create more division. Instead, she said that it is imperative Trump loses in 2020.

"Beat him at the ballot box. Beat him with ideas and policies. Beat him with an agenda that doesn't divide us further, that isn't just designed to piss off half the country or punish people who voted for him," Cupp said.

A number of others in the Republican Party have spoken out against Trump. Like Cupp, many of them have been frequent critics of Trump and many even opposed his nomination. Former 2016 Republican candidate John Kasich also spoke out against Trump, taking to Twitter to show his disappointment with Trump's behavior, saying it is the worst he has ever seen from the White House.

"[Donald Trump's] behavior described in the [Mueller report] is more than disappointing," Kasich wrote. "It's unacceptable & not behavior we should expect from our president. It's worse than I've seen in my career observing & working with presidents or public officials. America deserves better."

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has joined in the criticism as well. In a statement made on Twitter, Romney wrote that he was sickened at the "pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection" by Trump and those in his administration. The report had outlined a series of instances where individuals in the Trump White House lied both to investigators and the American public.