‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Shows No Fear As He Taunts Jason About Sam

Michael YadaABC Press

Monday’s General Hospital will be full of more Dawn of Day drama. Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) desperately wants Kristina back into the fold and will do anything to make that happen. He may even be willing to have a stare down with Jason Morgan. He knows that the hitman kidnapped Kristina and has her hidden away somewhere, and he is determined to find her.

Despite knowing how dangerous both Jason and Sonny can be, he is willing to take the chance that they won’t take him out. Shiloh is a sly one. His specialty is playing with people’s minds to get what he wants. General Hospital spoilers coming from She Knows Soaps indicate that Shiloh will confront Jason this week. The previews for Monday’s episode reveals that the meeting will happen at the gym as Jason is taking his frustrations out.

Shiloh starts taunting Stone Cold about Sam. He tells him how close they are getting as Jason starts slugging the ball harder. The previews show Jason’s face hardening as he hits the ball harder and harder to avoid whacking the Dawn of Day leader right then and there. He has already been arrested once for attacking Shiloh. It’s a battle between these two men who both want Sam for themselves.

Shiloh is a smart guy. He is very careful not to do anything that the PCPD could nail him for — he is all about playing mind games with people. However, he knows that Jason Morgan is one person that he can’t manipulate at all. McLaughlin told interviewer Michael Fairman that he believes Shiloh finds Jason fascinating because he knows he can’t get into his mind as he does with everyone else.

Shiloh wants Jason gone because he is an obstacle between him and Sam. He doesn’t seem fear that Jason will take him out in an instant. He is willing to get up in Jason’s face to taunt him about Sam, and even his kids. He seems to know that he has the upper hand, at least for the time being.

Shiloh has no idea that Sam and Jason are playing him. Once he gets wind that Sam is only cozying up to him to get evidence to take him down, Shiloh will be furious, and Sam will be in danger.

Things are escalating between Shiloh and Jason this week. Keep watching General Hospital to see if Jason will hold his temper when Shiloh gets in his face.