April 21, 2019
CM Punk Reportedly Makes His Return To Pro Wrestling At Independent Show

Despite previously asserting that he is completely "done" with professional wrestling, reports suggest that former WWE Champion CM Punk may have indeed been the masked man who showed up at an independent event on Friday to run in during one of the matches.

On Saturday night, Ring of Honor wrestler and MKE Wrestling founder Silas Young took to social media to address the video his promotion shared on Twitter, which showed a masked man in a black hoodie enter the ring and land Punk's trademark finisher, the GTS (Go to Sleep), on wrestler Daryck St. Holmes. As noted by Sportskeeda, the run-in came as a surprise to the 350 or so people who attended the MKE Wrestling show, which was held at the Knights of Columbus building in West Allis, Wisconsin.

In his Twitter post, Young commented that the West Allis venue has had "25+ years of wrestling" and was responsible for helping "a lot" of wrestlers, including indy wrestling veteran and podcast host Colt Cabana, get started in the business. While Young did not mention CM Punk's ring name in full, he made a reference to a "Punk who showed up in a mask" at Friday night's event.

As of this writing, Punk has yet to confirm that he did indeed run in at MKE Wrestling's West Allis show. However, WrestlingNews.co pointed out that the 40-year-old WWE alumnus liked previous posts sent by independent promoter Dave Prazak and Ace Steel — St. Holmes' opponent on Friday night — that hyped up the event on Twitter. The outlet also quoted a 2016 interview Punk did with ESPN, where he seemed to suggest he wouldn't rule out a low-profile return to wrestling.

"But you never know, I could pop up here and there. Let me explain that to you even better. It's not going to even be televised, it's going to be me in a ninja f–king outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody's ever going to know."
According to WrestlingNews.co, the all-black attire worn by the masked man on MKE Wrestling's video resembles the ninja outfit Punk was teasing in his ESPN interview. The publication added that if Punk was indeed the mystery attacker on the video, he did a few things differently in the ring, which is "what you would do if you want to throw fans off."

Despite how both Sportskeeda and WrestlingNews.co similarly took Silas Young's tweet as a confirmation of CM Punk's return to wrestling, Punk suggested in a June 2018 interview that he didn't want anything more to do with the sport in general. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter told TSN Sports ahead of his UFC 225 fight against Mike Jackson that he is "done with professional wrestling" and willing to put his past in the business behind him, just like he had been trying to do since he walked out of WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble.