April 21, 2019
Kodak Black Hides His Face With A Handful Of Cash When Leaving Jail

Bill Kapri, better known by his stage name, Kodak Black, is a 21-year-old rapper. This past Wednesday, Kodak and three friends attempted to cross over the border from Canada to the United States. They were stopped by the border patrol when the authorities found drugs and a weapon in the vehicle. The rapper, who was driving his Cadillac Escalade, did not declare the Glock 9 mm pistol he had in the car. Authorities also found marijuana, according to Page Six.

The rapper was charged with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon along with unlawful possession of marijuana. He was then carted off to the Niagara County Jail where his bail was set at $40,000. He also had the option of paying cash, in which case he would need only $20,000. Kodak must have been able to secure the funds because he was seen leaving jail on Thursday.

A crowd of onlookers, including reporters, cameramen, and fans, swarmed the rapper as he exited prison. He declined to answer their questions and shielded his face with a large handful of $100 bills, in what can be described as typical Kodak fashion.

When one reporter asked where he was heading upon his release, the rapper simply said, "No comment."

Because of his arrest on Wednesday, the rapper had to postpone his concert that evening, which was supposed to take place at the House of Blues in Boston.

"With sincere apologies, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Kodak Black shows have been postponed. New dates will be announced as soon as possible," the venue wrote in a tweet.

Unfortunately, the announcement wasn't made until the last minute. At that point, excited fans had already been sitting in the venue for hours anticipating that they would be getting to see the concert at some point.

"Would have been nice of you to let people know before letting them come in and sit there for 3 hours. The problems that happened outside is the HOB's responsibility, but of course will take none of the blame," wrote one angry fan on Twitter.

So how did the whole incident take place? Kodak is reportedly blaming his arrest on his GPS taking him on the wrong path. He had planned to drive from Detroit to Boston, where the concert was supposed to take place. However, he somehow got confused and wound up on a path that took him from Canada to New York before reaching Massachusetts.