April 21, 2019
Rudy Giuliani Defends William Barr, Says Attacks On Attorney General Are 'Completely Phony Political Garbage'

In a Fox News interview broadcast on Saturday, President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, defended Attorney General William Barr against criticism, Raw Story reports.

Giuliani suggested that the attacks on Barr are politically motivated, defending the attorney general's integrity, and accusing the Democrats of making "ridiculous" claims.

"Because if you just look at Bill Barr and you listen to him and you look at his background, this looks like completely phony political garbage," the president's lawyer said.

"Somebody on there -- I don't know if it was Nadler or somebody else -- called him a political hack. That's ridiculous," Giuliani said, referring to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler's statements.

Nadler was one of many Democrats to accuse Barr of being biased, and defending Donald Trump. As Politico reported, House and Senate Democrats suggested that the attorney general is acting like Trump's personal lawyer, criticizing him for organizing a press conference before releasing a redacted version of Robert Mueller's final report.

The Democrats argued that Barr had organized the press conference in an effort to spin the Mueller report before its release, and in order to defend President Trump from conclusions drawn by the special counsel. Top Democrats Nancy Schumer and Chuck Pelosi both slammed Barr for what they described as "partisan handling" of the Mueller report.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the special counsel's report does not allege that Trump conspired with Russia to sway the 2016 election in his favor. However, the report, even though it does not accuse Trump of obstruction of justice, does not exonerate the president of the crime either.

According to Robert Mueller, Trump attempted to obstruct justice but failed, because his aides refused to follow orders.

This has caused calls for impeachment to intensify, and -- according to media reports based on statements from administration and White House officials -- the president is furious at some of his former aides for talking to Mueller, and seemingly helping the special counsel's office paint a picture of a chaotic White House, in which the president's aides don't even follow orders.

During his interview with Fox News, Rudy Giuliani not only defended William Barr against Democratic attacks, but also defended the attorney general's reputation. The president's lawyer claimed that Barr was "confirmed unanimously" when former George H.W. Bush nominated him.

"It was like 93 to 7, something crazy like that," Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said.

This is not true, however. According to Raw Story, Barr was actually confirmed in a 54 to 45 vote.

As Salon noted, William Barr is known for covering up evidence of crimes by Reagan and Bush in the Iran-Contra scandal.