Mueller Report Footnote Reveals ‘Most Significant Story In U.S. Political History,’ Bestselling Author Claims

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the findings of his Russia investigation contains hundreds of revelations, as well as confirmations of previously reported bombshells, about the 2016 Donald Trump campaign’s links to Russia. But according to the author of a bestselling book on the Trump-Russia scandal, the most devastating revelation — “the top story in America” — is buried in a single footnote that appears on page 27 of volume II of the report, which has been posted online by The New York Times.

In fact, says Seth Abramson, author of Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America, published last November by Simon and Schuster, the story contained in the one-paragraph footnote number 112, is “the most significant story in U.S. political history.”

“A President of the United States with a historically pro-Russia foreign policy was being actively and knowingly blackmailed by Russia in the lead-up to his election — and still,” wrote Abramson on his Twitter account Saturday.

According to the footnote, as The Inquisitr has reported, a Russia-linked businessman told Trump lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen just days before the 2016 election that he had “stopped (the) flow of tapes from Russia.”

Financier Giorgi Rtskhiladze later told Mueller in an April 4, 2018, witness interview, those tapes “referred to compromising tapes of Trump,” according to the report; tapes that could include the rumored “pee tape,” showing Trump and Russian prostitutes, who perform a “golden showers” urination show for him in a Moscow hotel, as CNN reported.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller (pictured) buried the biggest story of his report in a footnote, one expert says.Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

The Mueller Report footnote, citing Rtskhiladze, appears to say that there are multiple “compromising” tapes of Trump in Russia’s possession. The footnote also says that Cohen discussed the tapes with Trump after receiving the text messages referring to the “flow” of tapes from the Georgia-based businessman.

“That Trump and Cohen discussed these tapes suggests they believed — as did the Kremlin agent they were dealing with — that they existed,” wrote Abramson on Twitter. “So Trump was being blackmailed; knew he was being accurately blackmailed; knew that blackmail could — at that moment — end his candidacy.”

Abramson goes on to say via Twitter that Trump concealed the alleged fact that he was being blackmailed from the American public, at the same time that he was actively planning to ease sanctions on, and do other favors for Russia that could be worth “trillions” to that country, should be win the election.

Though the Mueller report directly cites Mueller’s interview with Rtskhiladze, the businessman — through a spokesperson — said that the Mueller report contains “false, inaccurate, highly damaging and misleading characterizations made about him,” according to a Friday Bloomberg News report. The businessman’s spokesperson said that Cohen knew that the existence of the tapes was a “rumor only” and that the text messages referenced in the Mueller Report were not “released in their entirety.”