April 20, 2019
'Southern Charm New Orleans' Is Back With A New Trailer

If one franchise of Southern Charm this spring is good, then two will be better. The original Southern Charm was delayed this year due to former cast member Thomas Ravenel's legal battles, so now the original series and Southern Charm New Orleans will debut new seasons within two weeks of each other, providing lots of south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line drama for Bravo fans.

Bravo shared the latest Southern Charm New Orleans trailer that shows that getting divorced did not solve all of Jeff and Reagan Charleston's problems, and it's more than awkward to continue to be filmed with your ex, especially when she jumps into a new marriage very quickly. The Charlestons were married for six years, but it doesn't seem like they are ready to be friends or fake it for the sake of their crew.

E! Online says that the former couple both decided they wanted to continue shooting the Bravo show, but didn't leave some bitterness at the door. Jeff explains that he's happier than ever, but he's not fooling anyone.

"My secret to happiness is getting divorced," Jeff said.

The rest of the Season 1 cast is back, and this time, fans will get to see more of Justin Reese's girlfriend, Kelsey Nichols.

Tamica Lee is making some changes in an effort to improve her home and work-life balance. She's making the switch from early morning anchor on the local news to midday lead in order to spend more time with her children, while husband Barry expands his fitness business.

Jon Moody continues to make his mark on the art world, while the group welcomes a new cast member named Rachel McKenzie, who seems to have some advice for everyone.

Bravo hints at the awkwardness when cast member Reagan Charleston divorces one husband at the end of Season 1, and starts planning a wedding for Season 2 of the series set in the Big Easy. Reagan's new fiance/husband is named Reece, and even though she's a participant in the tawdry tale, she knows it doesn't look entirely kosher, as evidenced by her comments in the Season 2 trailer.

"How the f--k do I even begin to explain what's changed?" she says.

The feeling from last season that the audience knows more about what was going on than Jeff about his relationship with Reagan continues, and even the other cast members seem to be feeling uncomfortable being put in the middle of the split.