‘Survivor’ Castaway Wardog Takes Control Of The Game

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

This week’s episode of Survivor was a double eviction and Wardog managed to hide in the shadows while controlling both of the tribal councils.

For the first tribal council, Wardog made it clear during confessionals and during various conversations that he wanted to see returning player, David Wright, get voted off.

Wardog and David have been going head-to-head as “nemeses” for weeks and it was only a matter of time before one of the two got voted off.

Using the security of the Lesu three and the new bond he had formed with Ron and Julie, Wardog was able to convince most of the tribe that David was the right person to vote out.

The timing was just unfortunate for David and Rick Devens as they had an immunity idol that they had just played the previous week when they didn’t really need it.

After successfully voting off David, voting off Rick would have been the next easy move to make. That ended up not being an option when he won the next immunity challenge, largely thanks to an advantage David sent to him from the Edge of Extinction beach.

Showing his true colors in this week’s episode, Wardog decided the Lesu three was done serving the best interest of his game as he wanted to kick Kelley Wentworth out the door.

During very brief conversations so no one would notice, Wardog started to approach every member of the tribe with the pitch to vote off Kelley. With the newbie players, he pushed the fact that no one wanted a returning player to make it to the end of the game.

Wardog was careful not to speak to anyone he did not think would consider flipping on Kelley which included Julie who was an emotional wreck a few tribal councils ago when her own former tribe blindsided her and sent a fellow member of the Kama tribe home.

Wardog, however, decided to roll the dice and was able to successfully boot Kelley out of the game without her or Lauren seeing it coming.

As People points out, the decision to vote out Kelley exploded on all the alliances on the tribe, leaving a lot of individual players including Victoria, Devens, Gavin, Aurora, and now Lauren, without loyalty to anyone.

While Ron and Julie are considered to be an alliance, she may or may not be willing to work with him moving forward as she didn’t know Kelley was being voted out.