‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Kristina’s Family Sets Up An Intervention

Craig SjodinABC Press

Monday’s General Hospital will have Kristina’s family confronting her about her situation with Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Jason staged a rescue the night that the Corinthos daughter was supposed to be initiated into the cult. Now she is being held at a safe house and being closely monitored so she doesn’t go running back to Shiloh.

Kristina has been angry and bitter ever since she arrived at the safe house. She laid into Jason, Sonny, and Neil for keeping her there against her will. A new preview for Monday’s episode that was posted by ABC reveals that Sonny, along with Alexis and Michael, will sit down with Kristina to let her know how much they love her and are there for her. She looks a bit shell-shocked in the preview, maybe even worn down a bit, but it’s doubtful that she will stay that way for long.

Michael is sitting next to her saying how much he misses her. She also told him that she misses him, too. Sonny and Alexis are sitting silently on the sofa. However, you know that they will have plenty to say. Kristina has been manipulated by Shiloh into thinking that Dawn of Day is her family and if her own loved ones don’t like it, then she doesn’t need them in her life. Neil, who has been hired by Sonny to deprogram his daughter, will do his best to talk to her gently and slowly about her experience with the cult and why they are all concerned for her.

Meanwhile, Shiloh is still determined to find Kristina’s whereabouts and bring her back to him. General Hospital spoilers tease that Molly will confront Alexis about her sister. In the previews for Monday, Alexis is heard telling Molly that she hasn’t been completely truthful with her. Will she let Molly in on where Kristina is?

There is the possibility that Shiloh will end up using the pledge that Kristina gave him that stated her mother’s intentions when she ran over Kiefer a few years ago. She wrote down that it was no accident. However, Sonny thinks it’s about him and is frantically trying to get his hands on the paper to be destroyed. Won’t he be surprised when he finds out not everything is about him? At the time that she wrote the pledge, she was angry with Alexis.

While Alexis may not face any legal consequences if that pledge should go public, she will learn that her own daughter, who she has cared for and loved her whole life, has turned on her.

Stay tuned into General Hospital this coming week to see if Kristina’s family will be able to get through to her.