‘Hottest Weather Girl Ever’ Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her World-Famous Booty In Skintight Yoga Pants

Yanet GarciaInstagram

While many women can lay claim to some degree of internet fame, Mexican model Yanet Garcia is perhaps a cut above the rest. Having previously been dubbed the “hottest weather girl ever” by TMZ, via YouTube, Yanet has since managed to amass an amazing fan base numbering nearly 10 million on popular social media platform Instagram. Now, the brunette bombshell is taking to the service to show off her incredible physique to an array of her most ardent admirers, having shared a fitness video which is sure to set pulses racing and hearts aflutter.

In this particular clip, a jaunty bit of rock music plays in the background as Yanet goes through a variety of different aerobic workouts. Clad in a pair of skintight gray yoga pants and a matching T-shirt — one which is tied off to expose her flat stomach and feminine figure — the Mexican model shows that she really knows how to attract attention.

A few slow profiles of the Instagram sensation take place throughout the brief bit of footage. The first captures her pretty face from a lower angle, her full lips painted a pretty pink as she pulls a mesh hoodie over the top of her tawny tresses. The second sees her performing side lunges while wearing the aforementioned yoga pants, the thin fabric clinging to every inch of her world-famous curves to showcase her pert posterior.

In the caption attached to the rather athletic clip, Yanet Garcia gave a shout out to her promotional partner, a fitness supplement provider. Preferring to let her body do the talking, it appears that her almost 10 million Instagram fans didn’t seem to mind the brevity too much. Several of them left complimentary comments in response to the share, with many of them appearing in Spanish in addition to English.

“Damn Yanet, you look amazing,” one enthusiastic user gushed, capping off their comment with a heart-eyed emoji.

“Oh my funking [sic] God, literally you are the hottest ever!” a second social media fan remarked, completing their statement with a peach emoji and several other suggestive icons.

“As much as I would not like to admit it Doug did mess up he could have had somebody good. And it’s not about the looks,” a third supporter opined, seemingly referring to her having been dumped by professional gamer Doug “FaZe Censor” Martin.

A poster girl for healthy eating, hard work, and discipline, Yanet’s many devotees continue to crowd every image and video clip that she posts. Whether it’s something cute or something more sensual, they love hearing from her, and simply cannot wait to see what she might share with them next.