Megan Fox’s Doppelganger, Claudia Alende, Stretches Curvaceous Backside In Instagram Video

David BeckerGetty Images

Brazilian model Claudia Alende – known best for looking nearly identical to actress Megan Fox – took to her Instagram account on Friday to put her incredible figure on full display while rocking a skin-tight black work ensemble.

Donning a form-flattering black tank top and matching leggings, Alende showed off every curve on her toned frame as she stretched, twisted, and bent her body in several different directions. Her short skin-tight tank top allowed her to showcase her busty bosom and flat midriff any time the camera panned to her frontside.

In the caption, as well as later in the video, it was revealed that Claudia created the video to help promote the Bang Energy drink.

According to the company’s website, Bang Energy was founded by a man named Jack Owoc back in 1993 and has taken the sports drink market by storm.

The sexy video clip starts out filming the Megan Fox doppelganger from a distance as she does a few side lunges before she stretches by straightening her elbows out and clasping her hands behind her back. After doing a bit of stretching, the video switches to recording Claudia from the front.

With her long dark tresses pulled up in a tight pony tail during her workout, the 25-year-old model can be seen pushing stray strands of hair out of her face before taking a big drink of cotton candy flavored Bang Energy.

The video then returns to filming Alende from behind as she continues to do side lunges in the background while a can of the energy drink rests on a rock in the foreground.

After doing a little jogging and grabbing another sip of the Bang Energy, the video focuses on Claudia’s jiggling voluptuous derriere as she treks up a pathway surrounded by rock formations.

The video came to a close with Claudia doing a few more side lunges before standing and looking out at the green hills with a faded cityscape far into the distance.

While she opted to keep things simple in the accessories department, she did rock a pair of large round sunglasses to protect her eyes from the harsh UV rays during her workout.

With a massive Instagram following of 9.8 million, her fans wasted no time watching the video nearly 150,000 and leaving over 1,000 comments in just 24 hours.

Many of her followers claimed her video clip was one of the best advertisements they’d ever seen for Bang Energy. Others admitted to being captivated by her breathtaking figure. Speechless, many posted nothing more than heart emojis in the comment section of the sexy video clip.