April 20, 2019
Viral Video Shows A Border Collie Saving A Puppy Within Seconds Of Getting Hit By A Car

The internet loves videos of dogs, particularly videos showing dogs going to incredible lengths to assist the people (and animals) in their lives. It's no surprise that a recent video of a heroic border collie from Quebec, Canada quickly went viral, shocking pet lovers from around the world. The video, which was posted on social media by the dog's owner, shows what could have been a very tragic situation prevented by this daring dog, according to The Animal Rescue Site.

The video starts out joyfully with a man and a woman playing with their three dogs, a border collie, chihuahua puppy, and a labrador in their snow-covered driveway. At one point, the man steps out of the frame as the dogs continue to run and play. Meanwhile, the woman steps into her car as she begins to back out of the driveway. While the two other dogs are safely out of the way, she doesn't notice the tiny chihuahua puppy slowly creeping its way into her path. The car draws narrowly close to the puppy when the border collie takes note of the dangerous situation just in time. The dog races into the path of the vehicle and snatches the puppy up in its mouth, quickly carrying him to safety. The fast-forwarded clip shows just how close the car got to the dog, narrowly missing the tiny animal.

Finally glancing in her rearview mirror, the dog's owner stops the car and jumps out. She picks up the puppy to make sure it is okay before rushing over to praise the border collie for his good work.

"I saw something in my mirror. First I thought I had crushed my dog," she writes in a caption for the video.

The video, which has since made its way through social media, caught the attention of thousands of dog fans. Many commented on the video, praising the border collie for its quick thinking save.

"Fantastic doggie with such safety alertness! Hope owner will be more careful," one user wrote.

A few other viewers criticized the dog's owner for not being more careful and warned her to check her surroundings while driving near the animals, according to The Dodo.

"I am totally judging these people for having dogs running loose and not triple checking they are completely out of harm's way before backing up like that," one social media user wrote after watching the harrowing clip.