Canadian Lingerie Model Danielle Knudson Pulls Her Panties Down, Flaunts Major Underboob In Sweaty Video

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

Danielle Knudson is dedicated to her craft, taking her modeling career very seriously — often elevating it to the next level on social media in the process. Taking to popular platform Instagram to show off her incredibly muscular physique, the blonde bombshell recently shared a sweltering video clip, which sent temperatures soaring and hearts aflutter amongst her broad base of admirers.

In this brief clip, one backgrounded by the sweet strains of Drake’s “One Dance,” Danielle channels every bit of sexiness that she can conjure up. Clad in a severely cropped Nike sweatshirt — one which reveals nearly half of her breasts in a serious show of underboob — the Canadian lingerie model leans against a battered door frame. Her face is slick with sweat, and her long tawny locks are damp with perspiration — hanging about her neck and shoulders in thick waves.

The camera switches to a side profile view, and the audience watches as Danielle’s taped hands grasp at the sides of her Calvin Klein panties. Another quick perspective shift occurs, and a full body shot sees Danielle tug her panties even lower, exposing her flat stomach and sculpted thighs. Barely covering her feminine modesty, the lingerie model casts a smoldering gaze off camera. Her skin glistens the entire time, slick and wet. A black heart emoji is cheekily employed by Danielle to cover parts of her breast, so as not to violate Instagram’s content policies.

The final shot lingers on the Canadian stunner’s beautiful face. Coy, confident, and fierce — Danielle Knudson knows she has what it takes to be a major star.

This most recent video clip follows an earlier bit of footage with a similarly sensual theme. Opting for a very risque one-piece this time around, Danielle still maintains the tawdry aesthetic throughout. A commonality of both videos is that they appear to have been shot in a dilapidated building, paint peeling from the walls and a sense of impoverished despair about them.

No matter what the surroundings, though, it’s clear that Danielle Knudson has an impressively ambitious thirst to succeed in the fashion and beauty business. As The Sun detailed, the blonde bombshell had been selected to audition for Victoria’s Secret last year, and although she was ultimately unsuccessful in attaining her Angel status, she will certainly try again in the future.

Fans of the marvelously well-endowed model absolutely love hearing from her — particularly when she deigns to share something as sexy as her most recent videos — and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.