‘Playmate Of The Year’ Sara Underwood Flaunts Full, Perfect Booty In Lacy Lilac Lingerie

David BeckerGetty Images

While she may have been Playboy‘s “Playmate of the Year” in 2007, the years in the interim seem to have been extremely kind to Sara Jean Underwood. The blonde bombshell has become even more attractive over time, something that few can say, and has broadened her horizons by traveling the globe. Hopping from continent to continent, the model and social media influencer has clearly been bitten by the travel bug, and her fans appreciate the variety of views that she offers up to them.

In her most recent Instagram share, one posted just moments ago as of this writing, Sara shows off her most notorious assets while sprawled out in bed. The bedsheets are tossed to the side to give a full view of the former Playboy model’s back — and backside — both clad in lacy lingerie in a lilac shade. Rays of sunlight lancing through the cabin windows fall upon her full, perfect derriere, putting even further emphasis on that part of Sara’s feminine figure.

The model’s matching bra can also be seen winding its way around her trim and muscular back, and her signature tawny tresses also make a muted appearance. Beyond the cabin windows, a thick and lush forest can be seen — all trunks, leaves, and needles.

In the caption attached to the candid share, Sara Underwood gave a shout out to the web series produced by her and her boyfriend — and principal photographer — Jacob Witzling, Cabinland. The series follows the pair’s efforts to build their own rustic yet modern cabin after having trekked across the world in a heavily modified 1979 Ford F-250 pickup truck, as was detailed by designboom.

Despite all of this promotion, most fans were more interested in commenting on Sara’s incredibly attractive body.

“I don’t know about cabins but there’s definitely wood in my pants,” one emboldened fan remarked lustily, adding emphasis to his cheeky comment via the usage of a peach emoji and a smirking emoji.

“I would love to wake up to that every day,” a second social media user wrote longingly.

“WOW. Nice cabin. A room with a view,” a third admirer quipped, apparently keen to make a double entendre while complimenting Sara’s new digs.

It appears that Sara was sleeping in the loft of her new cabin, as evidenced by the caption of some of her other recent shares. Covered in mossy loam that looks like something straight out of the Shire in The Lord of the Rings, the stunner’s new forest retreat is the stuff of fantastic dreams. Her fans and followers just love getting a glimpse at Sara — and her life — and can’t wait to see what might come to her social media feed next.