Danny Amendola Blasted For ‘Oversharing’ After Posting Bitter Rant About Ex-Girlfriend Olivia Culpo

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Danny Amendola is feeling the heat after posting a lengthy Instagram rant about his ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo. The Detroit Lions wide receiver slammed his ex on social media following reports that the former Miss Universe was spotted getting cozy with German-Russian record producer Zedd at Coachella. Now, Culpo’s fans have a few words for Danny Amendola.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in a now-deleted post, Amendola bashed Culpo’s Instagram fame and her “fishbowl lifestyle.” While he admitted their connection in the bedroom was “f***king crazy,” the NFL star discredited Culpo’s career as a model and influencer. Amendola also revealed that when they were together, Culpo would get angry at him for not posting about her or their relationship on social media, then he teased that he has “a whole cell phone” of embarrassing and racy photos that Instagram would “love to have” of Culpo.

Amendola ended his rant by confirming that he and Culpo no longer together as he seemingly described Zedd as a “[scrawny] little f**k.” Amendola also tagged Olivia Culpo in the shocking post, which he soon deleted.

After deleting his rambling post, Amendola posted an Instagram photo of him dancing solo with the caption, “Now that that’s over, let’s party.”

But Danny Amendola’s rant wasn’t over for Culpo’s Instagram fans. The NFL star was blasted in the comments section of his “dancing” post as followers called out his now-deleted rant as “a trainwreck of misogyny, gaslighting, oversharing and bitterness.”

Others pointed out that Amendola went on social media to blame Culpo for “oversharing,” then did worse than that himself. Amendola was called out for putting the ex-couple’s sex life on blast and he was accused of being “controlling” and wanting his woman to “be in his shadow” or risk her sex life “being graphically discussed” online.

Others noted that Amendola’s petty rant simply “screamed his insecurities.”

“He’s no man!” one commenter wrote of the football star.

Some followers accused Danny Amendola of treating Olivia as “arm candy” and noting that he wasn’t complaining when he was benefiting from her high-profile lifestyle. Others noted that Amendola got plenty of perks from Olivia and her career as an influencer and model when they were a couple, and they questioned how Amendola can claim to be a “private guy” but then post “a novel” about his relationship with Culpo.

Commenters also flocked to Twitter, where a screenshot of Danny Amendola’s post was posted in its entirety. You can see some of the Twitter reaction below.

While the backlash was real, a few fans defended Danny Amendola and his right to post anything he wants on his Instagram page. Olivia Culpo has not publicly commented on her ex-boyfriend’s next level rant.