Gun Violation: Jamaica Most Wanted Criminal Sentenced

A Most Wanted criminal from Jamaica has been sentenced for a gun violation.

Omar Lewis spent years illegally entering the US, say US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. These violations countered numerous attempts to remove him.

Omar Lewis was captured by an Orange County deputy when the officer stopped a gathering of men in a parking lot in 2009. Lewis, dubbed “King Evil,” had been arrested for attempting to hide a gun under his car, where he thought officers wouldn’t find it. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the gun was an FN Herstal handgun, also known as a “cop killer” for its ability to penetrate body armor.

Omar Lewis, 36, was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released the same day because he had been using the alias Kendell Joseph Smith.

Special agents from Miami Homeland Security Investigations found Omar Lewis and arrested him for illegal entry into the country several months later. He had been charged with misusing a Social Security number and false identification as a US citizen.

In 2000, Omar Lewis was denied entry to the O’Hare International Airport after showing a British passport with the alias Michael Strubs. In 2001, border patrol agents caught him again, and an immigration judge ordered him removed, and then he was physically removed three months later. In July of 2005, he came back again as part of a smuggled load of people, but a fingerprint search revealed his true identity once more and he was removed again in February 2006.

The parking lot incident led to Omar Lewis’ arrest when he hesitated to sit on the ground by the car. According to the Sun-Sentinel, officers spotted the gun and ran DNA tests on it, proving that he had used it.

Omar Lewis pleaded guilty in August after being captured once again, and was sentenced to 57 months in prison.

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