April 20, 2019
Obese American Tourist Who Forced Flight Attendant To Wipe His Butt During Flight Later Dies On Vacation

An obese American tourist deemed a "pervert" for forcing a flight attendant to wipe his butt during a flight has died days later while on vacation in Thailand.

As the New York Post reported, the unnamed tourist made international headlines when he reportedly forced the air hostess to wipe him and moaned with pleasure during the act. The incident took place on a flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on January 19, prompting EVA Air to take action against the man and attempt to ban him from flying on the airline in the future. The report called the man a "pervert."

The airline reportedly made repeated attempts to tell the man that he was not allowed to fly anymore, but learned this week from the man's lawyer that he had passed away while on the extended vacation to Thailand. His cause of death was not specified.

The man's death was reported by Taiwan News, which also recounted the original incident during the 14-hour flight. The man reportedly told the flight attendant that he needed to use the bathroom but required help because of a recent surgery on his right hand. Three female flight attendants then helped the man lower his pants, and the man asked if one flight attendant could help lower his underwear as well.

"[The flight attendant] initially refused, but he insisted that he was only able to pull down the front of his underwear and would soon soil himself," the report noted. "She placed a blanket to cover his genitals, but he slapped her hand and demanded that she take away the blanket and pull his underwear down."

The flight attendant later said she began to cry. The man completed defecating and asked the flight attendant to open the door, saying he was having trouble breathing. She refused.

The man then asked the flight attendant to wipe his backside. She said no, but the man said he would not leave until someone did for him. There were still 12 hours remaining the flight, so the woman put on rubber gloves and assisted while the man reportedly moaned and instructed her to wipe "deeper."

The incident gained international attention when the woman shared her experience on social media, and later spoke to reporters. The man tried to book a flight from Taipei back to San Francisco, the New York Post reported, prompting the airline to deny his booking and make repeated attempts to tell him so.

The airline said it would be refunding the man's family for the return flight he had booked.