Australian Bombshell Madi Edwards Shows Off Tight Physique In Tiny Red Bikini


Madi Edwards is heating up social media from Down Under, with the Australian bombshell posting a picture showing off her incredible physique in a skimpy red bikini that has fans buzzing.

The 23-year-old Brisbane native took to Instagram this week to share the picture modeling a tiny bikini for Pretty Little Thing. The picture was a big hit with her followers, prompting thousands of likes and supportive comments.

“Sooo pretty,” one follower wrote.

“Body goals… wow,” another shared.

The Australian model has been building a name for herself on Instagram by sharing plenty of skin-baring pictures. Her work caught the attention of Esquire, which placed her on a list of the top 29 Instagram models and identified her as a potential heir apparent to Instagram superstar Emily Ratajkowski.

As she approaches 1 million followers, Madi Edwards has also used the social media spotlight to make some significant strides in her modeling career. As The Inquisitr reported, Madi launched her own swimwear line and has been featured in magazines such as Maxim Australia. She has also become a staple of celebrity news websites, which often feature her skin-baring pictures from her Instagram page.

The attention has been a bit of a double-edged sword, the Australian model shared. Her fans are quite supportive, but Edwards said sometimes they get a bit too comfortable online.

“I get a lot of Instagram DMs asking me to send them my used socks,” she recently told Maxim, via the Daily Mail. “I get these in my Instagram DMs all the time. The worst one I’ve received would have to be, ‘The boys and I discussed you are a nine out of 10. I’m the perfect one for you — with us together we could be the perfect 10.’ Literally word for word. As if!”

Madi Edwards also uses her Instagram page to help boost her career, with a number of sponsored posts that have helped her build her net worth. She is a frequent model for Pretty Little Thing, often showing off the swimwear line’s products and displaying her amazing physique.

Edwards is certainly adept at taking advantage of the warm weather in her native city, posting frequently from the sun-soaked beaches of Brisbane.

Madi Edwards is on pace to cross the 1 million follow mark on Instagram sometime in the coming months. She currently has more than two-thirds of a million followers and is gaining followers at the rate of several thousand each week.