April 19, 2019
UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Bares Major Cleavage In Silver Bikini Top On Instagram

UFC ring girl, Arianny Celeste, has been sharing tons of amazing photos since arriving at the Revolve Festival a couple of days ago. And throughout it all, there's been several unifying themes in her outfits: a sparkly bikini top and neon yellow clothing. But it wasn't until her two newest Instagram posts that she let her bikini top show without partially obscuring it under a shirt.

In the newest Instagram update, Arianny shared a selfie that was a close-up of her from her chest up. she wore just the bikini, leaving her cleavage bared. She accessorized with a multi-colored headband, along with several necklaces. Celeste also wore a blond wig with extra long hair that reached her waist. The second and third photos in the series showed her from a further distance, revealing that she complemented her top with a neon yellow miniskirt. The skirt had an abstract silver design on it, and she kept her color theme intact with yellow eyeshadow.

Plus, Arianny posted another Instagram photo. This time, it was a series of two photos of herself rocking the same outfit as the one described above. Except this time, the photos were taken from further away and showed off part of her silver boots. In the backdrop, you could see a white wall with thin tropical palm trees.

Celeste has been keeping fans updated through her Instagram Stories too. She shared a couple featuring some cute dogs and another of her unwrapping a gift. Plus, she gave people a behind-the-scenes look as she got her hair done for the photoshoot featuring her in the wig.

And speaking of her dogs, Arianny recently shared a little about them during an interview with 411 Mania.

"Aww… My two boys, Bentley and Enzo! They are complete opposites. One is super spunky, while the other is kind of timid and weird, almost cat like. They are the loves of my life – my babies… until I have real ones (ha!). They are super, super spoiled."
The ring girl was also asked about her interest in martial arts and grappling, which is only a natural question considering she's been with the UFC since 2006.
"I do kick boxing and boxing just for fun. They are two of the most fun work outs ever – and not just the cardio, adding weights into it provides an all over amazing workout and it goes by superfast. It's also therapeutic..."
Throughout the years, Arianny made a name for herself, not just by the ring but also on her own as an Instagram model. With over 3.1 million followers, it's hard to deny her star status.