Chanel West Coast Goes Topless & Wears Marijuana-Themed Gloves On Instagram For Her 4/20 Music Drop

Chanel West Coast has been on fire lately, sharing tons of amazing Instagram updates left and right. But arguably, one of her recent posts is more eye-catching than the others. The rapper posed topless for the photo, wearing green gloves with marijuana leaves on them. She placed her right arm diagonally over her chest to censor herself, while she smoked with her left hand. The photo was released to promote her newest single, "Sharon Stoned," which came out with just a day to spare before April 20. While Chanel usually rocks long hair, this time, she opted for short blond hair.

Fans can check out the new music video on YouTube. Chanel can be spotted in a variety of outfits throughout the video, including a shiny and colorful bodysuit, along with a black bodysuit with silver knee-high boots. In between the shots of her rapping, you can see Chanel smoking weed and gambling with stacks of cash.

West Coast gave a shout out in a follow-up Instagram post to Official Redman and Michael Rapaport for appearing in the video.

The rapper had previously teased a music video shoot that she was doing. However, the sneak peek photos showed her rocking a variety of western, cowgirl-themed outfits. So it'll be exciting to see what else she has in store.

While TV fans may only recognize Chanel as the girl with the unforgettable laugh on Ridiculousness, there's a whole another side to her. In fact, her passion for music came long before TV, as she discussed her beginnings with College News.
"Yes, I mean since I was a little girl I have always wanted to do music first and foremost. Not necessarily rapping, rapping is something I started doing when I was like about twelve years old but um once I started rapping ever since I started that's pretty much what I had my mind set on so yeah I have been wanting to do music my whole life basically."
"My favorite artist to work with so far, man that's really tough to say...But I would say one of the coolest people thus far is definitely Snoop," added Chanel, when asked about some of her favorite collaborations to date.
Clearly Chanel and Snoop share more than just the love of music together, considering West Coast's newest music video. After all, Snoop is well known for his love of marijuana. There's even a strain named after him called the Snoop Dogg OG, according to Leafly.