Viral Video Shows Philadelphia 76ers Players Reeling From A Pungent Fart, Twitter On The Case Of Who Dealt It

Some Philadelphia 76ers players may be tight-lipped after a viral video shows them reeling from an apparently overwhelming fart. The odious aroma was apparently lingering on the bench near the end of Game 3 of their opening round playoff series -- and now, Twitter is on the case, seeking to figure out exactly who dealt it.

Video from TNT's broadcast of the game showed several players on the 76ers bench trying desperately to cover their noses, with rookie Zhaire Smith and injured big man Joel Embiid clearly affected by the smell. As noted, it was clear that the emission was quite powerful.

"These are NBA grade farts we're talking about here, probably lethal to the rest of us. What happened was obvious to anyone watching the game," the report noted.

As soon as the viral video spread across social media, many internet sleuths decided to take up the case, trying to solve the question of which player --- or possibly coaches, or even fans --- were responsible for it. Some tried to judge player reactions to see who was trying to play it cool, or who may have been overselling their disgust.

Others suspected that veteran guard J.J. Redick may have stealthily cut the cheese and then fled the scene of the crime.

No one on the 76ers bench gave away the culprit, or spoke about the incident afterward.

The 76ers players may have felt a bit more free to laugh at the situation, given their big lead in the game. Philadelphia fell under some pressure after splitting the first two games of the series, giving home court advantage back to the Brooklyn Nets.

The tide could be turning in Philadelphia's favor if they are able to get Joel Embiid back full-time. He has been hampered by a knee injury that forced him out of Game 3, and is considered a game-time decision for Game 4.

Sixers coach Brett Brown told the media this week that he goes by his gut when deciding whether Embiid can play or not -- but he couldn't say for sure if the big man would be in the lineup on Friday.

"And as it relates to tomorrow, I don't know. And I really don't have a gut feel," Brown said, via CBS Sports. "And so you'll plan — to me, it's always best to plan that you don't have him and be really surprised and happy when you do."

If the enormous Embiid was indeed the culprit of Game 3's mystery fart, the team's bench will likely be very pleased to have him back in the lineup -- and on the court.