April 19, 2019
Wendy Williams Advises Teresa Giudice To Leave Husband, Joe

During the Friday edition of The Wendy Williams Show, the TV host decided to impart some wisdom to Teresa Giudice. Williams' comments come in the wake of Joe Giudice's deportation to Italy, People reported.

Williams' comments were characteristically blunt and pointed in their assertion that the reality show couple shouldn't be together.

"If I were Teresa, I wouldn't even want him home at this point. I would not have him living in my house... I am all about a family staying together. But families don't stay together because of the kids. In fact, sometimes it's worse for the kids."
Wendy added that she hopes Teresa continues to be a fixture on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

On Thursday, the Giudice family was faced with the news that Joe's appeal against his deportation was denied.

In a statement to People, Joe's attorney declared that they would continue to fight the verdict. Joe and his legal counsel have filed a stay with the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Wendy is also dealing with marital issues, as she recently filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter after a tumultuous few months for the former couple.

Wendy has carried on with her hosting duties in the meantime, appearing to revel in her new status as a "single woman."

Kevin spoke out on Tuesday, and addressed the rumored unrest in his marriage as he did so. In a statement to People, Kevin said that he was not proud of his actions. He apologized "to my wife, my family, and her amazing fans."

Wendy's husband added that he was currently engaging in a period of self-reflection, and would try to undo the harm that he had caused. Kevin concluded by promising that he would continue to work with -- and support -- Wendy, while also working on himself.

The divorce followed prolonged rumors about Kevin allegedly fathering a child with his long-term mistress.

A source told the media outlet that Wendy claims she was initially in the dark about the affair. After eventually finding out, she was hit with the revelation that her husband had been seeing that woman for almost 16 years. Compounding the issue, it was recently rumored that Kevin's mistress, Sharina Hudson, had given birth to a child that Kevin had fathered.

"That made her realize it was time to move forward with her life. Seek treatment and move on. She's not taking him back," a source said of Williams' current frame of mind.

Kevin was released from his executive producer position on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday. He had retained the position since the show's 2008 debut, and also claimd an equal share in Wendy Williams Productions.

The show released a simple statement confirming Kevin's dismissal, wishing him well in his future endeavors.