‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Details Regarding Ingo Rademacher’s Return As Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks Emerge

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease that it is almost time for a fan-favorite actor and character to return. Ingo Rademacher is coming back as Jasper “Jax” Jacks, and new teasers have emerged detailing exactly when his first scenes will air.

As The Inquisitr shared a while back, Rademacher reconnected with those behind the scenes at General Hospital and came to a new deal to play Jax after deciding to leave The Bold and the Beautiful. Viewers have known for some time now that he has been on the set filming, but until now, his first airdate with this return remained a mystery.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans will not have to wait much longer. Jax will first pop up in Port Charles during the May 7 episode, and it looks like he will waste no time in stopping by the Corinthos house. Ingo last portrayed Jax a couple of years ago, and he had seemingly been banished permanently from Port Charles.

What brings Jax back to town? The Inquisitr has detailed General Hospital spoilers revealing that Carly will reach out to Jax as Josslyn struggles to cope with the imminent loss of Oscar.

Fans may remember that Sonny had been instrumental in getting Jax pushed out of town when he left Port Charles a couple of years ago. Now, it may be that Carly will plead with her husband to help bring him back for Josslyn’s sake.

The first look shared by EW reveals that Jax will show up at the Corinthos house during his first episode, and he will talk with Jason, Carly, and Sonny. When it was announced that Jax would be back, Rademacher teased that Jax’s legacy would be continuing in a big way. While it hasn’t necessarily been confirmed, it sounds as if this will be a lengthy return for Jax.

Will Oscar pass away before Jax returns to town? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed that tidbit yet, although actor Garren Stitt, who portrays Oscar, recently teased that he was still filming scenes. She Knows Soaps only makes a couple of references to the teen crew for the next couple of weeks and nothing at all specific regarding Oscar.

Of course, if Rademacher is sticking around long term this time, he will need more of a storyline than simply comforting Josslyn. General Hospital fans are already speculating over possible romantic interests since it would seem unlikely Jax and Carly would get involved again with her current pregnancy.

Some fans have already noted that having Jax and Ava connect would be quite the pairing to watch. Other possibilities could include characters like Alexis, Kim, or even perhaps Nina, as most fans suspect she’ll be single again as soon as she learns about how Valentin and Sasha lied to her.

Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon regarding the upcoming storyline for Ingo Rademacher’s character of Jax. Fans are anxious to have him back, and now they know that his first scenes are coming up soon.