Ana Cheri's Double Friday Instagram Update Is All About The Thong And Sideboob

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Ana Cheri knows how to keep fans on their toes.

On April 19, the fitness model and entrepreneur updated her Instagram. Fans were treated to two pictures, plenty of skin, and Ana's signature finish – very little clothing.

The first snap shows Cheri full-length. Her black thong extends to a very minimal upper equivalent. Straps of material no wider than the thong are hugging this model's back and cleavage, but they aren't leaving much to the imagination. Chunky heeled boots finish the all-black outfit. An oversized pink flower inlaid amid Moorish arches adds contrasting touches on the color front. Fans are unlikely to be scrutinizing the picture's architectural features, though.

The second picture zooms in. The closeup is showing more sideboob and more rear. Ana also appears to be holding a pink flower in her left hand. Both photos see the model looking directly at the camera somewhat provocatively. In the second, Ana's mouth is slightly open. With comments enabled to her account, Ana also appears open to commentary. Plenty has been provided. One fan seemed to want Cheri as a permanent feature in their life.

"Does a wallpaper for this photo exist"

Popularity seems to come easily when clothing is foregone. When it comes to Instagram though, sensational curves go a long way. They are likely the reason for Cheri's climbing following and high engagement. Both also form an incentive on the promotional front. Cheri is a spokesperson for CBD brand Ignite. Interestingly, no promotional posts for Ignite show Ana holding the product. Advertising the brand's logo via itsy-bitsy bikinis seems to take care of the sales.

Ana's scantily-clad or fitness-centric updates are followed by high-profile model Blac Chyna. Fellow models Sara Underwood and Tammy Hebrow also follow Ana. Likewise, model, actress, and TV host Yanet Garcia does too.

The Cheri Fit CEO appears to be building an empire. For today though, it's more about the thong and sideboob.