April 19, 2019
Colton Underwood Reenacts His Famous 'Bachelor' Fence Jump, Says He's 'Very Happy' With Cassie Randolph

Colton Underwood's surprise TV cameos continue. The Bachelor star may have ended his reign as leading man of the ABC reality show weeks ago, but he's still poking fun at one of the most iconic moments of his season.

In a surprise appearance on Busy Tonight, Colton Underwood -- who is currently dating his final Bachelor pick, Cassie Randolph -- turned up for a faux final rose ceremony alongside host Busy Philipps. He was joined by guests Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. Bachelor host Chris Harrison teased Colton's iconic moment ahead of his cameo as he gave Snow, who was looking to take his hosting job, some important tips.

"First of all, gotta talk with your hands. If you're not using your hands, you're not saying anything at all," The Bachelor host said. "Second, always, always have a hot tub or helicopter within a thousand feet. And last, but certainly not least, always wear comfortable shoes because you never know when someone's gonna jump over a fence and make a break for it."

Cue the Colton cameo. The Bachelor star appeared to ask if anyone was looking for a bachelor, then admitted he's no longer looking for reality TV love.

"You know, I ended my season and I'm very happy with Cassie, so I don't think I need a final rose. So, I think I'm just gonna get out of here."
Colton then hopped a makeshift white picket fence which was constructed behind him. And while his leap was impressive, it fell short of Underwood's headline-making fence jump that was teased during his entire season of The Bachelor.

You can see Colton Underwood's fence jump reenactment in the Busy Tonight clip below.

Colton Underwood made headlines earlier this year for his crazy fence jump on The Bachelor. The clip of the former pro football player jumping a super high privacy fence in one swoop went viral. Colton declared "I'm f***ing done," before vanishing into the night.

In an interview posted by Us Weekly, Bachelor host Chris Harrison addressed Colton's fence-hopping freak out, and praised the reality star's athletic accomplishment. Harrison estimated that the fence was at least six feet high.

"He did not touch the fence or touch the top of the fence after his feet left the ground," the ABC host said of Underwood.

Harrison later explained to Entertainment Tonight that Colton's threat to quit the show before his epic fence leap mirrored the frustration of past stars of the ABC franchise. Colton Underwood just took things to the next level.

"He happens to be the most athletic SOB we've ever had, so he was able to express it like an Olympian [by jumping over a fence and quitting], but they all get there," Harrison explained.

The next cycle of the ABC dating franchise kicks off May 13, with Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette.