April 19, 2019
Kim Kardashian Already Has A Job Offer At A Law Firm If She Passes The Bar

Kim Kardashian famously revealed, earlier this month, that she plans to become a lawyer -- and she is already taking steps to make that happen. Now, it sounds like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star won't have to wait long to get her career started once she passes the bar. According to TMZ, Robert Shapiro, the lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson alongside Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian, says she has a job if she wants it.

Shapiro noted that Kim has already dabbled in the legal world with positive results, so he is sure she can take things to the next level once she passes the bar. Once she does, he says that she has a job waiting for her.

"Once she passes the bar, she'll always have a job at my law firm. I think she'll be a sensational lawyer. Look what she did with the President of the United States. She got somebody right out of jail," he said.

While he believes the process won't be easy, he does think the reality star will be "sensational."

"It's gonna be a very difficult and long process for her, doing it the way she's doing it. I wish her the best of luck."

According to Shapiro, the method that Kim chose for pursuing the bar is a difficult one. Instead of doing the usual college courses, she would be apprenticing with a lawyer -- and would then be taking the bar on her own.

"She told me a year ago she was planning on doing this, so she's serious about it and I hope she is successful. I only know one other person who was able to pass the bar in the way she's doing it without going to law school," he said.

He added that he is all for anyone who wants to further their education and to challenge themselves, concluding with well-wishes for Kim on her journey.

Kim has a years-long apprenticeship at a San Francisco law firm ahead of her, with a goal of passing the bar in 2022. Kim said that she was inspired to get involved in the legal world after working with Donald Trump on behalf of a non-violent drug offender.

With a post that got almost 3 million likes, Kim defended her decision. Critics had said that she was using her money and position to gain a job she isn't earning. In the post, Kim says that she is working hard -- at least 18 hours a week -- and will be taking the "baby bar" soon.