April 19, 2019
Venezuelan Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Shows Off Insanely Fit Physique, Pulls Down Leggings To Flaunt Figure

Venezuelan fitness expert Michelle Lewin is known for her insanely fit physique, and she has been sharing quite a bit on social media in recent days showing that she's in perhaps the best shape of her life. Lewin opened up a bit in recent posts about having had an injury that threw her routines off a bit, but she's very much back on track and looking amazing.

Lewin's latest Instagram post shows her in a pink sports bra and purple leggings. She is filming a quick video clip of herself, and her followers are going wild over this shot.

Fans watching the clip see Lewin tugging down the waistband of her leggings to show off a tad more of her figure as she flaunts her truly insane abs. Michelle has her short blonde hair swept over to one side, and she is smiling as she films herself.

Michelle twists back and forth to show off her taut abs and slim waist, and she sticks out her tongue and shares a bit of a silly face at the very end of the video. Lewin also added a lengthy note with this post that ultimately serves in part to hype the meal plan she has created. However, her main point is that nutrition is essential in building an amazing body, no matter how many crunches one is willing to do.

The Venezuelan stunner has built up a following of 13.4 million followers on Instagram, and they went crazy over this breathtaking shot. Lewin's video clip had been viewed about 750,000 times in just about 20 hours and nearly 1,300 people commented on the post.

In another recent Instagram post, Lewin addressed what some of her followers had apparently been speculating about. Michelle said that she had recently lost some weight, and she explained that about two years ago she had been doing far too much training and sustained a knee injury.

It's taken all this time, but Lewin says she is doing much better now and has been able to throw herself back into the level of training she feels works well for her. As a result, she's dropped a bit of weight. That video showcasing some of Michelle's moves was viewed almost 800,000 times, and many of Lewin's followers shared stories of how she has inspired them to work on their own fitness.

Based on how extraordinarily fit Michelle Lewin is, there is no argument that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to fitness. Her followers are regularly inspired and stunned by her curvy derriere, impossibly taut abs, and muscular figure, and it looks like she is now more dedicated to her own fitness than ever before.