Bella Thorne Shows Some Serious Skin In Rhinestone Bra, Daisy Dukes In Steamy New Photo

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Bella Thorne is sizzling once again.

The actress is known for pulling off sexy and fun looks, and she isn’t afraid to show off her perfect figure to her 19 million-plus Instagram followers, both on her regular feed and on her Instagram Stories. Last week, Thorne shared a few photos from Coachella and as always, she was dressed to impress.

Last night, the 21-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to wow fans with yet another sexy snapshot. In the image, Bella tagged herself at a Coachella party, where she looked amazing. On top, the stunner rocks a tiny black rhinestone bra that definitely shows off ample amounts of cleavage to her loyal followers. She also sports a variety of different sized silver necklaces and wears her long, red-dyed locks down and at her back.

On the bottom, Thorne looks equally as sexy in an incredibly short pair of Daisy Dukes that she holds up with a belt around her waist. To complete the sultry look, the actress donned a pair of over-the-knee black rhinestone boots that seemed to match her bra perfectly. Yesterday, The Inquisitr shared that Bella turned heads on the social media platform after posting a photo of herself in a field full of daisies in a scandalous outfit.

Bella’s black top was unbuttoned, showing a lot of skin with her cleavage spilling out of the shirt while the sun beats down on her face. So far, the photo has earned her a ton of attention with over 444,000 likes in addition to 1,000-plus comments, most of which are fans gushing over how amazing the actress looks.

And Thorne still seems to be incredibly happy on social media after she broke up with two loves in her life. Most recently, The Inquisitr shared that the red-headed beauty announced to fans that she was calling it quits with longtime boyfriend, singer Mod Sun. Along with a photo of herself and the singer together, Bella shared a telling message with fans in the caption of the photo.

“I will always love you. All good things must come to an end.”

After that, Thorne’s followers were shaken and the post received over 5,000 comments, most of which were fans who couldn’t believe that the pair had actually broken up. This past February, Thorne also called it quits with YouTuber girlfriend Tana Mongeau. As fans know, the 21-year-old is openly bisexual and had an open relationship with both Mod Sun and Mongeau.