‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Slams MTV For Failing To Edit Scenes Accurately


Leah Messer recently took aim at MTV’s edits on her new podcast series, Life Reboot.

According to an April 18 report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the mother of three took aim at the network that made her famous by suggesting they inaccurately portrayed comments she had made about Plan B and birth control during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.

As fans may have seen, it appeared that Messer was using Plan B, which is described as “an emergency contraception product that helps prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex,” as birth control. However, while Messer said she uses the pill “as needed,” she confirmed on her podcast that she does not use the pill as birth control.

“I do not think it is something that should be used frequently, but if something would happen, I would use it,” Messer explained.

Messer told her listeners that while she has used the product, MTV actually used her voiceover backward, which told a very different story about her use of Plan B.

“They actually wanted me to make it sound like I used it as birth control but I was very aware that you don’t use it as birth control. It’s something that you don’t use like that,” she continued.

Messer is currently mom to three kids and while she’s not writing off the possibility of a fourth, she isn’t currently dating anyone nor does she seem to have any potential suitors at the moment.

Messer went on to take further aim at MTV during her podcast by saying that they are “not even accurate” with the way in which they cut their episodes. She then said that in the years since she first joined the show in an effort to prevent pregnancy in teens, the series has taken a turn for the worse.

“I think the show has took a turn and I’m not always happy with the way some, of the other talent has acted or they’ve made it out to be. We have to grow up! We’re not teens anymore,” she said.

As fans of the series well know, a number of the ladies of the show, including Messer, have welcomed additional children as young moms and many have also faced drug addiction and legal drama.

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