April 19, 2019
Vanessa Hudgens Flaunts Insane Abs On Cover Of 'Shape Magazine'

The German edition of Shape Magazine has a new cover girl this month -- Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical actress graced the magazine's May cover and showed off her toned physique in style. She shared the sizzling photo with her 33.5 million followers on Instagram.

For the shot, Hudgens wore a black crop top-style tee shirt that showed off her chiseled midsection flawlessly. She paired the laid-back shirt with a pair of booty-hugging shorts in gray that she let sit on her hips and flaunted her voluptuous thighs in the tiny bottoms. Hudgens wore her chestnut-colored locks in a beach-babe blowout that sat neatly on her shoulders, and she flipped her hair to the side for a voluminous look.

Hudgens chose to contour her face to emphasize her gorgeous features and wore a light-pink gloss that was highlighted as she playfully stuck her tongue out for the shot. She kept the accessories light as to not take away from the casual ensemble, but fans were able to catch a glimpse of her sexy belly button ring that featured a huge diamond rhinestone.

Hudgens opened up about her unique workout style to Popsugar, and the actress shared that she tries to work out at least once a day if she can. The 30-year-old said that working on her fitness gives her a confidence boost and hitting the gym is not only good for her body but for her mental health and overall wellness.

Group classes tend to be Hudgens' go-to workout, and she revealed that being around people gives her that competitive boost to push through her workout. Being around other fitness-minded people gives her a nudge to keep working hard rather than being alone during a session and maybe slacking off a bit.

"I'm the type of person that needs to be in a class. I need someone telling me what to do, and I love being in a group environment because I'm very competitive, so it pushes me to work harder than I would if I was by myself," she shared.

Though she usually takes group classes that include Pilates, cycling, and yoga, when she's in a pinch, Hudgens said she'll go to a fall-back method of workout DVDs or an in-home workout. Though she takes her friends' suggestions if they've hit up a new class that they love, she tends to stick to the things she likes to do because she craves routine and what she's done so far has, clearly, worked out best for her body.

"I'm a pretty tried-and-true person. I have tried so many things, and I know what works for my body. I know what I enjoy," Hudgens added.