April 19, 2019
Dua Lipa Poses On Her Knees While Rocking A Chanel Bodysuit

Dua Lipa is known for her fabulous outfits, many which make a bold statement. Her newest Instagram update revealed a very glam side to the singer, as she posed in an incredible outfit consisting of a Chanel bodysuit and a white jacket. The bodysuit had a panel of black fabric on the right side and white on the left. The logo was prominent on the chest area, as Dua complemented it with a jacket. The jacket had floral embroidery throughout, and she cinched her waist with a belt that read, "CHANEL" on the front.

In the first photo of the series, Lipa held onto a purse with her right hand, and laid across a marble counter. She wore dark tights, and although it's hard to see at first, her left leg was raised high into the air. The second photo, on the other hand, showed Dua sitting up and resting her left hand on the counter. She held up the black-and-white Chanel bag with her left hand, and looked to her left. It was also possible to better see her earrings, which read "CHA" on her right ear and "NEL" on her left.

While the jacket branding isn't visible, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to imagine that it's from Chanel too. But that's not to mention the third photo in the series, which showed the singer laughing as she posed on her knees with her derrière angled toward the camera. She placed her left hand on the ground, and didn't seem to mind that the jacket was hiking up her back.

Dua's known for her bold music that's resonated deeply with her generation. She opened up to GQ Magazine about her music and personal life, which included discussion on her various tattoos.
"I got that because I always wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm not going to change that. I'm never going to change myself, but it's in barbed wire because I should protect my heart no matter what, I think."
The tattoo she was speaking of was a barbed wire shaped like a heart.

"For a female artist, it takes a lot more to be taken seriously if you're not sat down at a piano or with a guitar, you know? For a male artist, people instantly assume they write their own music, but for women, they assume it's all manufactured," added Lipa.

Whatever the case, it appears that Dua's career is continuing on a great trajectory.