Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Oscar And Joss Write A Song For The Nurses Ball

Craig SjodinABC Press

It’s a somber time on General Hospital as Oscar Nero appears to be nearing the end of his young life. Unless a last-minute miracle happens quickly, he isn’t expected to make it much longer. The teen has just moved into the Quartermaine mansion and his family is trying their best to make him happy, comfortable, and most of all, loved.

Thursday’s General Hospital had Oscar preparing his loved ones for the inevitable. He is also spending as much time with Josslyn as he can, while also steering her towards a life without him in it. As spoilers by Soap Central indicated, Olivia made special preparations for Oscar’s stay at the mansion. He was appreciative of the gesture, but he had another request for Olivia and Ned. He asked them to plan his funeral, which brought Olivia to tears. He had specific things that he wanted them to take care of.

Meanwhile, Joss was in Carly’s office trying to write down some lyrics to a song that she and Oscar are writing together. She told her mom that they are planning on singing it at the Nurses Ball next month. Joss is hopeful that he will make it that long.

Once she showed up at the Quartermaine’s, Joss and Oscar went to work on coming up with a few more lyrics. Oscar did his best to keep things upbeat for Joss, but he did tell her that she needs to find someone else to perform the song with her since he may not make it that long. She wasn’t having it. She doesn’t want anyone else in his place.

If Oscar doesn’t make it until the Nurses Ball, which seems likely at this point, then it’s expected that Cameron will end up singing the song she and Oscar wrote together. General Hospital spoilers teases that Oscar will make a request of Cam. This could be what he makes him promise to do after he’s gone. More spoilers say that Joss will lash out at Cameron, but it doesn’t give any details on what that is all about. Will she be mad that he made that promise to Oscar?

This story line of childhood cancer is tough to watch, no matter how fans feel about Oscar. His passing will devastate Kim, Drew, and Joss, and all of his family and friends who have grown to love him.

Keep watching these next few weeks of General Hospital to see if Oscar Nero will make it to the Nurses Ball to sing with Joss.