Jimmy Osmond Breaks Silence After Heartbreaking Health Scare, Says He Is ‘Grateful’ For Fans And His Health

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Jimmy Osmond has returned to social media months after a health scare sidelined him and left his fans in a panic. More than three months after he suffered a stroke during a performance of Peter Pan in England, Jimmy, the youngest Osmond brother from the famous singing family, posted an update for fans on Instagram.

Jimmy, who turned 56-years-old earlier this week, posted a throwback photo of himself with a caption thanking his fans for their birthday wishes. Osmond revealed that he had a great birthday with his family and added that he is “enjoying life” and this “long overdue break” from work. Osmond also wrote that he is grateful for his health and he thanked fans for their well wishes and prayers.

Jimmy Osmond endured a “crippling attack” while starring as Captain Hook in a performance of Peter Pan at the Birmingham Hippodrome in late December, per BBC News. The father-of-four reportedly “pushed through” the live pantomime performance before being taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke.

Fans have been worried about Jimmy Osmond for months, and updates from his family have been few and far between. Osmond’s social media followers were grateful to see the star’s Instagram update and many fans urged him to take as much time off as he needs.

On Jimmy Osmond’s birthday, his older brother, Donny, also shared a health update on his brother “Jimbo,” as previously shared by The Inqusitir. In an Instagram update, Donny wrote of his little brother’s difficult recovery and health setbacks, and said Jimmy was an “inspiration” with his “optimism, hope, dedication and resilience.

In addition, Jimmy’s sister Marie Osmond posted to Instagram to note how her youngest sibling has faced many difficult trials in his life.

“You have been in my thoughts & prayers continually!” Marie Osmond wrote to Jimmy. “I know our Father-in-Heaven is working His miracles on you!!!”

Sadly, this is not Jimmy Osmond’s first experience with a major health scare. The “Long Haired Lover from Liverpool” singer previously suffered a stroke in 2004. Osmond told Parade that he suffered ” a transient ischemic attack” that occurred due to a hole in his heart he has had since birth.

Jimmy revealed that he went on stage and felt a “pop” and then temporarily lost most of his vision. After a diagnosis by an echocardiogram, Osmond had the defect surgically repaired, but said he still feels the after-effects of the stroke and sometimes gets a numb feeling.