Gwyneth Paltrow Has Perfect Response To Social Media User Who Says 40-Year-Olds Have Saggy Breasts

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Gwyneth Paltrow is reminding everyone that 40 can still be sexy.

The actress is known for taking to social media and posting witty comments on her own photos, as well as on other people’s photos, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind when she thinks something isn’t right. As she has been in the past, Paltrow was featured on the Instagram page, Comments By Celebs, which posts funny things that celebs say in the comments section of the popular social media platform.

Earlier today, the Instagram page shared a screen grab of some social media user going off on a rant about how Paltrow’s body will undoubtedly change when she turns 40-years-old, most notably her breasts.

“Someone just asked me if my boobs always have to be out. LMAO yes b**** they do. I’m 21 years old. This is prime ti*** time,” the user wrote. “When I’m 40 and they’re saggy, I’ll put them away, but until then, you can shut your Mother Teresa turtleneck wearing a** up and mind your da*** business.”

And while it’s unknown exactly how this particular Instagram user’s post captured the attention of Paltrow, it did, and the 46-year-old crafted the perfect response to it by sharing her own opinion on 40-somethings’ breasts.

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“Hey now 40’s ti**** can still be all that and a pack of chips, don’t you forget it,” she wrote.

And it seems as though Instagram users who follow that page really enjoyed Paltrow’s epic clap back. So far, the post has earned the Instagram post over 45,000 likes, in addition to 600-plus comments and growing by the second. While some followers applauded the actress for speaking her mind, countless others shared their own thoughts on 40-something breasts.

“Mine are still out and I’m 55! Deal with it,” one follower wrote.

“Ooh someone needs to tell that girl that they can (and often do) get better after 21.”

And when Paltrow is not busy making witty comments on social media, the star is focused on her two children: Apple and Moses. The actress shares the kids with ex-husband Chris Martin, and as The Inquisitr recently shared, the two are nearly experts when it comes to co-parenting.

During an appearance on The Today Show, Paltrow dished that even though she and Chris were not going to be continuing on in their life as a couple, they made a commitment to maintain a sense of family for the sake of their kids. In order to do so, the former pair tries to remember what they love so much about each other and continue developing their friendship and their styles of communication.