'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kristina's Trust Secret Won't Harm Sonny, But Shiloh Isn't Done Causing Trouble

Thursday's episode of General Hospital contained a lot of Dawn of Day action and spoilers suggest that there's a lot more on the way. The sneak peek for Friday's episode suggests that DOD will be nudged to the sidelines temporarily, but some new teasers about the twists and turns ahead are emerging.

Fans have been speculating for a while now about the secret Kristina handed over to Shiloh for her Dawn of Day trust offering. Sonny and Jason were quite worried about this mysterious secret once they learned about this requirement of Shiloh's, but General Hospital spoilers had suggested that the secret would be much more damaging to Alexis than to Sonny.

During Thursday's show, Shiloh brought out the file he has on Kristina to peruse it. General Hospital spoilers had teased that Kristina might have told Shiloh about Alexis running over her ex-boyfriend Kiefer, and that's exactly what is detailed on the document Shiloh has.

Fans have to go back quite a few years to reconnect with the Kiefer storyline. Almost a decade ago, Kristina and Kiefer dated for a while. However, he became abusive. He beat her up when she started dating Ethan after ending her relationship with Kiefer, and he abused her again later as Dante and Lucky investigated him.

Alexis found an unconscious Kristina at her home after Kiefer beat her and left, and as Alexis drove Krissy to the hospital, she ended up hitting Kiefer. He later died from his injuries.

General Hospital fans are voicing some frustration that the writers are seemingly changing history here. At the time, the storyline was written that Alexis hit Kiefer accidentally as she was panicked over Kristina's condition. Now, however, it looks like Krissy is telling a tale of how she regained consciousness briefly and saw her mother intentionally run over her ex-boyfriend.

Shiloh is obviously starting to consider when and how to use this information he has, as he wants Kristina back under his control. General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that Shiloh and Jason will get into an intense conversation during Monday's show, and everybody involved will debate their next moves throughout the coming week.

The buzz is that Neil will soon be successful in pulling Kristina out of her Shiloh fog, but that doesn't mean that this storyline is wrapping up yet. Viewers will see quite a bit of DOD action during the week of April 22, along with some major developments during the week of April 29.

Viewers may now know what Shiloh has on Kristina, but it remains a mystery what it is that Willow revealed to him. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will pay Willow a visit again on May 2, and many fans have a hunch that Willow's worries about Shiloh will be central in taking him down.

It looks likely that this Shiloh storyline will probably come to a head during the upcoming May sweeps, and fans can't wait to see how crazy things get. Additional General Hospital spoilers about what's coming next will emerge in the days ahead and it looks like this will get pretty intense.