Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Claps Back At Haters Who Call Her Out For Seaside Heights Arrest

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has come a long way since her days of hitting up the clubs and getting intoxicated with her fellow “Meatballs.” She’s now a mom-of-two — with another on the way — as well as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, and she made sure a few trolls in the comments section of her latest post remembered that.

Polizzi took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her daughter, 4-year old Giovanna, watching her mom on a production screen as she tapes the third season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Polizzi joked that life has come full circle for her, as Giovanna held on tight to “Crocadilly,” her mom’s infamous stuffed crocodile that made several appearances in the original Jersey Shore seasons.

One commenter hopped on to remind the reality star of her arrest on the Jersey Shore after a day full of drinking, and of how she was thrown in jail on charges of disorderly conduct. The 2010 incident was taped for an episode of JS, and cameras followed Polizzi as she stumbled across the beach and was ultimately placed in handcuffs before being escorted to a police vehicle.

“Let’s watch mommy get arrested in seaside heights,” the commenter said.

Polizzi quickly clapped back and let them have a piece of her mind, and reminded the snarky commenter of who she is these days.

“Are you trying to insulate I’m a bad mom? Because I can assure you I am fantastic, Mr. Perfect,” the reality star quipped back.

She also responded to another off-the-cuff comment that suggested her daughter was too young to be watching any reality show involving her mother, to which Polizzi replied that she was just folding laundry and not doing anything exciting. Polizzi’s around seven months pregnant, and expecting her third child, a son, with her husband,Jionni LaValle, and so any antics that she may be getting herself into are likely of a domestic nature at this point.

In addition to taping the third season of her reality series — a spinoff of the highly popular original Jersey Shore — Polizzi owns and manages her own clothing boutique in New Jersey called The Snooki Shop. As People Magazine shared, the busy mom has vowed to not take an extended maternity leave, and has plans to jump right back into work after the birth of her son.

“I’m probably gonna take a couple of days off but my mental state is always thinking about work and my brand, and expanding it and improving it and making it better,” Polizzi shared.