Sarah Hyland Rocks Tiny Gold Bikini In Throwback Instagram Photo

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Sarah Hyland shared a throwback bikini pic with her Instagram fans today, and revealed that she’s hitting the gym even though she’s been in pain from health problems. The photo showed Hyland rocking a super tiny and gold bikini top. She accessorized with a choker necklace with long strand that fell down the middle of her chest, along with giant silver hoop earrings. Her hair was ultra curly, and she gave a sultry look for the photo.

It appears to be a fun time for Hyland, however, as she shared three days ago that she attended her second bridal shower in a week. In the Instagram photo, she rocked a pink dress with large buttons down the front, along with a light-colored bandana and gold earrings. Sarah appeared to be dancing, while her three friends smiled for the camera.

And that’s not to mention that four days ago, Sarah shared a video of her and her boyfriend, Wells Adams. Wells is known for being the bartender during the Bachelor in Paradise series. The short GIF on Instagram showed Sarah holding a piece of food in her left hand, as Wells leaned down to eat it. Meanwhile, Hyland kissed him on the cheek. Other photos in the series show Sarah and her many friends wearing aprons with lobsters on them.

And when Sarah cited health issues for not working out, it’s likely due to her kidney transplant and dialysis. She’s been very open about her struggles, and at one point revealed some of her personal details with Self.

“When you have an organ transplant, it’s basically a foreign thing in your body,” she explains. “Your immune system will want to attack it and be like, ‘What is this? This is not supposed to be here.'”

Hyland noted that at one point, “We did all of these tests and all of these treatments to try and save the kidney.”

“That’s why I’m so independent In some areas of my life, I literally have no choice but to be dependent. I’ve been going through this for 28 years, and I still am learning how to let go of control and how to be patient.”

The star’s fans appear to have been supportive throughout her struggles, and others thanked her for her positive encouragement from today’s post. Plus, Hyland took the time to respond to some of her fans’ comments, making jokes and offering additional support. Her boyfriend also left a comment telling her that he was heading straight home.