Former UFC Star Angela Magana Has Woken Up From Two-Day Coma Following Emergency Surgery

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Angela Magana has still got a long way to go but her most recent health update is very promising.

As many know, the former UFC strawweight competitor slipped into a coma on Tuesday following complications from emergency surgery. According to MMA Junkie, Magana began experiencing back pain during her preparations for the Combate Americas fight and an April 7 injury caused the athlete to head to the hospital where it was discovered that she had a herniated disc.

Angela tried to get medicine and fight through the pain, but it just became too much and she was forced to undergo emergency surgery after being diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome, a result of the fighter not reacting well to having a nerve block done. Following the surgery, she slipped into a coma, where she remained unconscious for two days. Luckily, People shares that 35-year-old is on the mend.

Magana’s coach Gabriel Lamastus shared an update with distraught fans earlier today, letting them know that Angela had thankfully come out of her coma.

“Angela is responding to the treatment and is waking up!!!” the coach said. “We are over joyed [sic]. She has been in and out of it,” he continued before revealing that Magana is even speaking now.

Prior to the most recent update that was filled with wonderful news, Magana’s team had been keeping fans up to date on the status of her health via the fighter’s Twitter page. The first update came on April 16, the day of surgery.

“Message from Coaching Staff there have complications and they can not wake her up. They are trying many options we will keep you up to date. Thank you for the out pouring of concern and love #TeamLaPerla.”

Following that post, Angela’s team posted a series of videos of the fighter in her hospital bed before undergoing surgery, including a video that she took of herself as she was getting wheeled into the procedure. Later that day, the team informed Twitter that Angela had slipped into a coma before posting further updates the following day.

“Nice article and information on Angela. We are cloming close to 24 hours and not waking feom coma, though all trials. We know she will wake up!! Sincerely @teamlaperla,” the coaches tweeted on April 17.

Throughout the ordeal, Angela’s team made it clear that they were confident that the 35-year-old would overcome the complications and luckily, she proved them right.

For now, Magana continues to recover in the hospital in her home country of Puerto Rico.