‘The Young And The Restless’ Actress Sasha Calle Opens Up About Struggles

Johnny VyCBS

On The Young and the Restless, actress Sasha Calle’s alter ego Lola Rosales experienced plenty of ups and downs over the past several months. From boyfriend troubles, to an attack, to needing a liver transplant, to waking up from surgery to find her boyfriend married to another woman, it’s been a rough run for her. Calle also experiences her own daily struggles as well.

Earlier today, the Lola actress took to Twitter to share a simple message with fans. The 20-year-old opined about how some days are fantastic while others are bad, and she reminded everyone that it’s okay to experience rough times.

In a wise follow-up comment, Calle replied, “think it’s more how we react to these days and learn from them. What we love, what we don’t. What we deserve, what we don’t. The choices we’ve made; the ones we love, the ones we don’t. Every day is beautiful in its own way. Whether through laughter or tears. We learn. We grow.”

Her on-screen brother, Jordi Vilasuso, who portrays Rey Rosales, chimed in with his own supportive words. He replied, “WISDOM!” Which he completed with clapping hands and prayer emojis.

While Calle did not elaborate on what may have caused her less than stellar day, her message resonated with her followers. Many posted words of comfort and agreement because as humans, they experience bad days at times just like anybody else.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Calle and Vilasuso said goodbye to their on-screen Rosales family members Arturo, who was played by Jason Canela, and Mia, who Noemi Gonzalez brought to life. It must be challenging to see so many cast members leaving Y&R as the regime change from ex-head writer and executive producer Mal Young switched over to new head writer Josh Griffin and executive producer Anthony Morina. It’s no secret that many long-time viewers disliked much of what Young did with the storylines during his tenure at the CBS Daytime show. Now, with new people at the helm, the show is trying to right some of those things, which has resulted in shakeups like the Rosales family losing half its members, Alice Hunter exiting as Kerry/Dominique, and Phyllis actress Gina Tognoni leaving and Michelle Stafford stepping back into the role.

For now, Calle’s Lola is the head chef star at Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Devon’s (Bryton James) new restaurant Society, and she’s pining after married man Kyle (Michael Mealor). Meanwhile, Vilasuso’s on-screen persona, Rey, is heavily involved in a romantic relationship with Sharon (Sharon Case). Many fans hope that Calle’s lousy day doesn’t have anything to do with her status on the soap.