‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Sonny Worries About Kristina’s Trust Offering, And Shiloh Rattles Sam

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday suggest that many people in Port Charles will be flustered over everything they are piecing together regarding Shiloh and his Dawn of Day group. Kristina is hidden away, angry but safe. However, the worries connected to DOD can’t be fully resolved yet.

Michael learned more from Willow about the requirement Kristina would have faced of revealing a major family secret to Shiloh before she could join his inner circle. Viewers know that Kristina recorded something, and plenty of theories are swirling around about what she would have chosen.

For now, none of Kristina’s loved ones know what secret she revealed, but everybody is anxious about it. The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Jason and Sonny will discuss this situation, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will worry the secret is related to his business.

In actuality, General Hospital spoilers have teased that Kristina may have chosen something connected to Alexis, not Sonny. In any case, Shiloh does have something to hold over Krissy and her entire family now, and it’s clear that Sonny and Jason don’t know quite how to counter this.

Shiloh has assumed now that Jason is responsible for taking Kristina away from the DOD house, and he thinks he can use Sam to get to Jason. Sam still has Shiloh convinced she’s fully into DOD and only deals with Jason to the extent she must, but it looks like she will end up a bit rattled by what comes next.

When Shiloh verbalized his thinking about how Sam could probably use her connection with Jason to figure out where Kristina is, Sam seemingly raced through thoughts in her mind about how to proceed. General Hospital spoilers detail that Shiloh will be staying close to Sam’s side for whatever comes next, and it seems she didn’t anticipate that.

Sam needs to connect with Jason to talk through what they both have learned about all of this, but it doesn’t look as if Shiloh will give her much of an opportunity if he can help it. She Knows Soaps notes that soon the PCPD will get involved in trying to find Kristina and that could cause some concerns for Jason, Sonny, and Alexis.

Thursday’s show will also feature more from Finn and Anna as she continues to worry about the memory of Alex’s that was transferred to her. Oscar will prepare to move into the Quartermaine home, and Carly will get emotional over all of this. There’s also action with Alexis questioning Neil and learning about how Julian had given Krissy money when he was asked.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that this battle will continue for a while yet. There is another confrontation coming up next week between Jason and Shiloh and teasers suggest that Willow will remain tense as she tries to protect the secrets she has been keeping. Major developments are still coming with this Dawn of Day storyline, and viewers will be curious to see where it all heads next.