Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot Goes Viral: Inside The Mind Of An Academy Voter

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of an Oscar voter? One frank and hilarious ballot cast by an unnamed director is going viral today for its cheeky and brutal honesty.

The Hollywood Reporter snagged an inside look at one Oscar voter’s brutally honest ballot which called Argo a “whole lot of nothing,” Django Unchained “Tarantino masturbating” and opining that Amour made voter “feel like sh**.”

The brutally honest Oscar voter elected to cast his ballot online “because I want to feel young again,” and cited frustration with studio attempts to sway his opinion with promotional gifts. “I’ve gotten books, cookbooks and just about everything short of Lincoln condoms,” he dryly remarked. “It’s ridiculous.”

Interesting, the brutally honest Oscar voter seems to make his selections based on what he thinks is fair. He casts his ballot a number of times forSkyfall, in best cinematography, best original song (Adele), and best sound editing, primarily because he thinks that each nominee deserves the award, but also because he says the Academy “won’t vote for it [Skyfall] because it’s a James Bond film.”

He avoids giving his vote to individuals who have won too many Oscars in his opinion as well, and seems to have some kind of personal vendetta against Anna Karenina, saying that he just doesn’t want to support the film, though reasoning that it will probably at least take home best costume design because the Oscar “always goes to the nominee with the puffiest dresses.”

We’ve sampled some of the Oscar voter’s f-bomb laden commentary on each of this year’s nominees for the 85th Academy Awards below, per MSN:

“Adele is f***ing brilliant … If Skyfall doesn’t win [Best Original Song], I will fillet my neighbor’s dog.”

“[Best Director nominee Steven] Spielberg deserves an Oscar every 10 years or so out of respect for what he does for the industry.”

Django Unchained … is basically just Quentin Tarantino masturbating for almost three hours.”

His best supporting actor reasoning was probably the funniest, in my opinion. “Robert De Niro was just Robert De Niro; yes, he had one crying scene, but crying is not enough. Alan Arkin in Argo? I’m shocked he’s even nominated. Tommy Lee Jones has been such a bitter guy — all that scowling at the Golden Globes? I’m telling you, people don’t like the guy.” His vote? Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Master).

Best picture is usually voted for in a ranking order, which this voter had a problem with. He called the Academy to see if you had to place all of the films in a ranking order, but found that you can leave some entries blank. He suddenly struck off his list, and put his two favorite films of the year at the top.

“I’m basically OK with one of two films winning. Lincoln is going in my second slot; it’s a bore, but it’s Spielberg, it’s well-meaning, and it’s important. Zero Dark Thirty is my No 1.”

What do you think of the brutally honest Oscar ballot? Do you agree with the unnamed voter’s choices?