Testimony Begins For Fake Heiress Who Conned Former BFF Out Of $275,000 In Lavish Trips and Purchases

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Yesterday, former Vanity Fair photo editor Rachel Deloache Williams offered emotionally-charged testimony in court against her former friend turned nemesis, Anna Sorokin. Sorokin, who was masquerading as Anna Delvey at the time, allegedly hatched an elaborate scheme in which she pretended to be a German heiress to con her way into a life of luxury, reports The New York Post.

Williams had described her experiences with the con-woman in an article for Vanity Fair last April, calling her the “Magician of Manhattan.”

“She conjured a glittering, frictionless city — whatever one wanted would be bought, wherever one wanted to go was a cab ride or plane trip away.”

In her testimony, Williams elaborated on their friendship. They first spent time together in 2016, when Sorokin would treat the Vanity Fair pro to infrared sauna sessions in Manhattan’s East Village.

Their friendship soon grew, and the two would have private training sessions together with celebrity trainer Kacy Duke. They would also share meals at fancy restaurants like Le Coucou. Sorokin paid for it all, with faux declarations of generosity as befitting an heiress.

“You work harder for your money than I do.”

The German national would make lavish purchases, with Williams describing shopping trips where Sorokin would purchase $1,314 on linen dresses — or make plans to holiday at a five-star resort that charged $7,000 per night.

Williams ended up accompanying Sorokin on that trip, where the two stayed at La Mamounia in Morocco. In addition, a fitness instructor and videographer were invited along as well.

But the friendship would end when Sorokin was unable to pay for her lavish expenses, reportedly leaving Williams to foot the bill — one which came to a staggering $62,000. Williams recalled that she had just $410 in her checking account at the time. When recounting the story in court, she broke down into tears.

“Anna was just sitting on the couch, she wasn’t making calls, her phone was just sitting on the table.”

Anna blamed her inability to pay on bank errors and red tape, and promised to repay Williams once back in New York. However, the fake heiress soon reneged on her promise, apparently leaving the photo editor in a panic. In her Vanity Fair article, Williams explained that the $62,000 bill was nearly double her annual salary.

Fortunately, Williams’ poignant article on being conned by the fake millionaire managed to earn her a book deal, which has allowed her to recoup her loss.

“The reality of Anna’s behind-the-scenes dealings, these figures flying from one account to another, remains dizzying to this day — that she was allegedly orchestrating such elaborate schemes while maintaining a believable, surface cool, wielding her debit cards to pay for dinners, workouts, beauty products, and spa treatments.”

Sorokin has been charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, and theft of services. It is estimated that she swindled $275,000 worth of items and services from hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. If found guilty, she faces 15 years in prison.