Joe Giudice Loses Deportation Appeal, Future Will Be Decided By Federal Review

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has had another significant setback in his fight to stay in the United States. On April 6, Giudice lost his deportation appeal, and only a possible federal review remains as a procedural barrier before he is sent back to his native Italy.

E! Online says that Teresa Giudice's husband was released from prison -- and into federal custody -- while he awaits deportation, barring an overturned decision. A source says that the federal board can refuse to review Joe's case.

"The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled against Joe in an April 6 decision. On Wednesday, the legal team for Joe filed a petition for the federal court to review of the appeals decisions. However, if the federal court refuses to review the appeal, Joe will get deported."
Giudice was released from federal prison after serving three years behind bars. He was directly taken into ICE custody, and continues to be held in a deportation center pending this last-chance review. Giudice family attorney James Leonard Jr. confirmed that Joe Giudice is being held at a west Pennsylvania facility which "houses immigration detainees."

Leonard adds that Joe's family misses him, and that they continue to be hopeful that he will be successful in a federal review.

"His lawyers and his family are hopeful that justice will prevail and Mr. Guidice will return home to his wife and four daughters who love him and miss him."
But the outcome of this case may not only determine whether or not Joe Giudice can continue to stay in the United States, but could also possibly lead to the end of his marriage to Teresa Giudice. Teresa shared on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion that her life is in the U.S., and that she doesn't plan on having a long distance relationship -- hinting at divorce.
"I'm just not doing it. I want somebody with me every day. I know exactly what happens, I'm sure he'll be with other women. It happens. We do the long-distance thing? It's not going to work. I'll be like, 'bye bye.'"
The last season of RHONJ was shot earlier in the year in an effort to maximize coverage of Joe's possible release from prison, but the cameras never saw him. This is because his transfer was done in the early morning hours, and was conducted without warning, per The Inquisitr.

Instead, the Bravo cameras were able to capture the reaction of wife Teresa Giudice, and her daughters, when they learned that Joe would not be returning home.