‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Confronts Neil About His Experience With Cults

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Kristina’s dire situation with Dawn of Day has been the main focus on General Hospital the past several weeks. There have been plenty of revelations coming out of this storyline, including Willow Tait’s past experience with the cult. Shiloh has also grabbed the attention of Brad Cooper and Margaux Dawson, who are both being manipulated into joining. Although the details haven’t been revealed just yet, Neil Byrne’s association with cults is about to be explored.

The General Hospital previews for Thursday indicate that Alexis will be confronting her therapist about cults. She is seen asking him about his personal experience with them. That isn’t the only encounter that Alexis will have on Thursday. Spoilers from Soap Central tease that she will also find out that Julian handed money over to Kristina for her “future.” He had no idea she was going to give it to Shiloh or what was happening over at Dawn of Day.

That won’t stop Alexis from tearing into him about it. Fans were wondering why Julian would have given Kristina that huge amount of money without really questioning her further about it or consulting with her mom. Others point out that he probably considers Kristina an adult and didn’t really need Alexis’ approval. Despite what fans think about this situation, Alexis is about to give Julian a piece of her mind.

As for Neil, he has captured the attention of Alexis, and not just as her therapist. He is also a little entranced by her, even though he tries not to be. However, he has found himself right smack in the middle of her world as he has agreed to help deprogram Kristina.

It was previously revealed that Neil knows all about what a cult can do to people’s minds. He said that he wasn’t able to save someone he loves from one. Fans are predicting that he is talking about Harmony, who is knee deep into Dawn of Day. It’s also rumored that Willow is the adoptive daughter of Harmony and Neil, but that has yet to be revealed.

More General Hospital spoilers for next week say that Neil will be comforting Alexis. What is that all about? It seems that it could be about her daughter, but there is also a possibility that Alexis could be upset over Oscar’s death. The teen isn’t expected to live much longer, and Alexis got to know Oscar for a short time as his lawyer. Whatever has Alexis so upset, it is obvious that she and Neil are growing closer through certain circumstances in their lives that may eventually connect them.

Stay tuned in on Thursday to see if Neil will spill any more details on his experience with a cult. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.