Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Sam Manipulates Shiloh, Willow Is On A Mission

Michael YadaABC Press

Two ladies are on a mission to take down Shiloh on ABC’s General Hospital, but it could lead to danger. The Dawn of Day leader is considered manipulative and dangerous and Sam is right in the middle of it. She has become very close to Shiloh in order to get something that they could use to take him down for good.

Wednesday’s General Hospital had Shiloh and Sam trying to figure out where Kristina could be located. Of course, Sam already knows where her sister is and she has been playing Shiloh at his own game by manipulating him. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason are putting their heads together to take him down as well. SheKnows Soaps reveals that Jason will have a tense encounter with Shiloh in a few days. It may about Sam.

Shiloh thinks that he is pushing Jason’s buttons. In a way he is, but Jason is also playing along so that Sam’s true motive for being close to Shiloh is protected. On Wednesday’s episode, Shiloh asked Sam to use her resources to find where Kristina is being held. He knows that Jason kidnapped her and thinks that Sam can manipulate the situation to find her. The General Hospital previews for Thursday reveal that Shiloh wants to go along with Sam on her mission to find out Kristina’s location. That may deter her plans to spend some time with Jason.

Over at Charlie’s Pub, Willow Tait spilled the sordid details to Michael about her time at Dawn of Day. She explained that Shiloh uses a pledge to hold it over the girls’ heads so they won’t leave. Michael asked her why he hasn’t used the leverage on her. She thinks it’s because he is sure that she will eventually go back to the fold.

Willow wants to talk to Kristina, despite Michael’s objections to her getting involved. He is afraid that Shiloh will end up using the pledge against her and he doesn’t want to have her involved in the kidnapping of Kristina. However, it appears that she will do anything to take Shiloh down before he grabs another victim. The school teacher is also worried about Wiley. She knows that Brad has fallen for the lies that Shiloh tells, and that puts the baby at risk as well.

Who will be the one who takes Shiloh down? If he gets wind of Sam or Willow’s deceptions, that would put them in danger. He drugs his girls during initiation, so he could use the drugs on Sam if he realizes he is being played.

Keep watching General Hospital to see if Sam can get the goods on Shiloh and if he will use Willow’s pledge against her.