Current ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Has Won Over $697K Throughout 10-Day Streak

Emma McIntyre Getty Images

James Holzhauer is a 34-year-old professional sports gambler from Los Angeles. On Wednesday evening he secured his 10th straight win on Jeopardy!, stunning fans and host Alex Trebek. This time he took home a whopping $131,127, bringing his grand total winnings to $697,787. Fans of the show are now eager to see how long he can continue the record-breaking streak, according to Fox News.

The first Jeopardy! record James beat was on last Tuesday’s show for a single day’s highest winnings ever. On that particular day, he dominated over his fellow contestants securing a win and $110,914. The record for highest winnings in one day was previously set by former contestant Roger Craig on September 19, 2010. Craig secured $77,000 in just one day. Throughout the years there have been many impressive contestants that gave him a run for his money, but no one could beat that record. That is of course, until James.

His total winnings of $110,914 on that day had a numerical significance to James for a sweet reason. The number sequence is his daughter’s birthday. She was born on November 9, 2014. How did he manage to get that to work out so perfectly? James didn’t reveal his secrets.

“I said all along that I wanted to break Roger Craig’s one-game record and I did it,” was all he said.

Meanwhile, the show’s host, Alex Trebek, has continued to work despite being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in March. The television personality is currently 78-years-old. Typically, the prognosis for this type of disease is bleak. Nevertheless, Trebek is undaunted. Shortly after receiving the difficult news of his diagnosis, he went on air to tell the world that he had every intention of beating cancer and continuing to host the show just as he has for so many years, according to Fox News.

Remarkably, Trebek hasn’t slowed down in the slightest and has hosted 50 episodes of Jeopardy! since receiving the diagnosis. He just wrapped up filming for Season 35 and will be spending the summer away from camera as he concentrates on his health. The break is only temporary and he assured fans that he is determined to return for Season 36 in the fall. He thanked the many that have offered him messages of support and encouragement as he takes on the fight against cancer.

“Particularly, the many cards I’ve received from young people. I’m touched beyond words. Despite what you might have heard, I’m feeling good; I’m continuing with my therapy… I look forward to seeing you again in September with all kinds of good stuff.”