Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Is Now Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation

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Like mother, like daughter. At least, that is how the Department of Justice is viewing the Loughlin family, reports The Daily Mail. The British tabloid exclusively revealed that one of Lori Loughlin’s daughters has also received a letter from the Department of Justice, informing her that she is the subject of a criminal probe.

The letter comes just as her Full House star mom and designer dad filed a plea of not guilty earlier this week. The source said that the tone of the letter was “ominous.”

“It is a not-so-veiled threat.”

The source also declined to say which of the two daughters was targeted. However, both girls were students at the prestigious University of Southern California, though both have since left the campus amidst fears for their safety. Their future at the university is uncertain, as a statement on the USC website claimed to be reviewing “proper action related to their status, up to revoking admission or expulsion.”

The school had an exclusive admittance rate of just 11 percent for 2019. However, the Loughlin girls bypassed the admissions process by claiming they were recruited athletes for the crew team.

The criminal letter alleges that the celebrity daughter is under investigation because she knowingly participated in the deception, according to the report.

“[The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts] is making it pretty clear that they have evidence that very strongly suggests she knew of the illegal plot.”

There have been rumors that the two girls took pictures on rowing machines, suggesting at least some knowledge of the scheme. Though no student involved in the scandal has yet been charged, the source stated that at least “five” other students had received similar letters.

“It is clear that some students are going to be charged.”

The source also noted that all the student targets had parents that had recently entered not guilty pleas, leading the source to believe the letters were “warning shots.”

Lori Loughlin with daughters
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Whispers suggest that the subject of the letter is Olivia Jade, a popular Youtube vlogger and the younger daughter of Loughlin and Giannulli. This is because the original complaint mentioned that Olivia knew via email that scam organizer William Singer was writing her college applications.

“On or about December 12, 2017, Loughlin e-mailed [Singer], copying Giannulli and their younger daughter [Olivia], to request guidance on how to complete the formal USC application, in the wake of her daughter’s provisional acceptance as a recruited athlete.”

Singer then ordered an employee to fill out her remaining applications.

The scandal, which engulfed other celebrities such as Felicity Huffman, was first uncovered in 2018 when Key Worldwide, Singer’s company, was audited by the IRS.