Man Files Suit Against Women-Only Gym Lucille Roberts For Text Messages

Whoever said text messaging is on the decline may not have given women-only gym Lucille Roberts the message.

A man has sued the gym for alleged spam text messages, according to a report from The New York Post on Saturday, February 23.

Brooklyn resident Alex Shiyan received offer after offer for a “sweetheart deal” until he couldn’t take it anymore. On Friday, February 22, he filed a class-action suit against the gym.

The 25-year-old Shiyan said he’d been receiving the offer for “several months on a phone he got from the New Jersey law firm where he works in client relations,” The NY Post reported.

“It’s a little funny. I mean, I’m definitely not the target market audience, so what are you going to do? I reached out to an attorney,” Shiyan said.

The suit is seeking $2,000 for each of the offending text messages sent by Lucille Roberts.

Kevin Roberts, son of the late owner and acting president for the company, insisted that Lucille Roberts texts only women “who have come in as guests” or referrals from other members.

“It seems very strange. It has to be an error because we really don’t text-message men,” Roberts said.

This incident is certainly not the first time a company has found itself in hot water over spam text messages. A Pittsburgh Penguins fan sued his team over excessive text messages in May 2012.

Likewise, Seattle-based plumbing company Beacon Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc., were sued for alleged spam texts in January 2013, The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal reported.

Do you think consumers should be able to sue over spam text messages, and if so, are the damages Shiyan is seeking excessive?

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